Two Threads culled in two days

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Re: Two Threads culled in two days

Postby landsurfer » 8 Dec 2016, 10:01pm

Maybe OP's could co-ordinate posts so we don't have parallel threads running at the same time ... :)
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Norman H
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Re: Two Threads culled in two days

Postby Norman H » 8 Dec 2016, 11:20pm

tanglewood wrote:A healthy society will moderate itself, and won't forums self-correct their tone through a combination of social nudges and Darwinism?

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I admire your faith in human nature. The forum may well self adjust but not necessarily in the direction that some of us might wish.

We all have our own moral and political viewpoints and a cycling forum will reflect a fair cross section of such views. I rarely choose to engage with what I see as the more unpleasant opinions, although I'm indebted to the many members who do. As indeed I'm indebted to the moderators for the job that they do. Whether or not this is enough to keep this as a place where all cyclists are happy to meet, time will tell. The danger is that too many folk like me will take the path of least resistance and the forum becomes a place that reflects the ugly views of a vocal minority.

Tangled Metal
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Re: Two Threads culled in two days

Postby Tangled Metal » 9 Dec 2016, 8:20am

My idea of limiting threads to a certain number of pages may well be something that can be set up within the forum platform/software. Tea shop or current affairs sub-forum threads get locked automatically at a set number of pages. No moderator work other than policing that threads are started in the right section of the forum. They seem to do that already,

Another option could be for another moderator to be created just to police political threads. An extra moderator who is willing to spend time to keep this forum a friendly place by donating time and to this specific moderating effort. IMHO that would only work if the volunteer also stood back from the commentating on such threads. Imagine a keen current affairs poster making that sacrifice to tame what could become the "wild west" corner of this forum! Now Spannergeek, could you withdraw from political/current affairs threads to moderate them impartially? As someone who's been at what I understand you feel as the wrong end of moderation, could you do such a job?

Personally I've dropped out of visiting this forum a few times because of the hostility I've felt was present in the tea shop political discussions. One time it got overwhelming IMHO and I went to another cycling forum. That other forum is a much bigger place with a lot of political discussions about current affairs. The personalities on there all debate and discuss topics with great vigour. The difference I feel is the place isn't overwhelming. Perhaps it's because there isn't the multiple threads discussing the same topics and arguments despite coming from slightly different directions. Whatever it is there are more threads about other matters, cycling related but wider non-cycling and non-political threads too. Bigger site probably makes contentious threads less obvious or overwhelming.

One bet I'd win, these discussions and polls about political threads won't solve any of their problems. No answers going to come from here!