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Re: Cycling hater

Postby Lawrie9 » 7 Jan 2018, 6:24pm

I used to run a stall in Cardiff and it was the rugby matches and other events at the stadium that kept the shoppers away from the city. It would be a good idea to have had the stadium built outside the city. As for the velothon and marathon they are only one day a year and there is a huge population of customers who live in the city who can walk and wont be affected by these events.
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Re: Cycling hater

Postby Ben@Forest » 8 Jan 2018, 1:05pm

brynpoeth wrote:I think it is surprising that such fires are so seldom

I've worked with various fire services quite a lot (wildfire prevention) and the opinion of a few firefighters was that if the job of 'fire brigade' was invented today they'd be called the 'Cutting People out of Cars after Collisions Brigade'.