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The perils of missed-out spaces

Posted: 5 Dec 2018, 2:44pm
by 661-Pete
I've noticed that a few forummers on here are in the habit of not typing a space after a full stop (or other punctuation). Perhaps this happens more often when posting from a smartphone (I always use a computer). But be warned by this story: you do so at your peril!

Incidentally, hats off to the said Mr Jason Velazquez, for making a monkey out of Mr Giuliani. Respect! :wink:

Re: The perils of missed-out spaces

Posted: 5 Dec 2018, 3:25pm
by kylecycler
Here's the tweet - you have to click on G-20.In - Jason Velazquez is 'updating' the website (for as long as Giuliani is too dumb to delete the tweet!) - the link to the Flynn story wasn't there to begin with. ... 7459050496

But then the very next Tweet on Giuliani's account just says "Kimim ° has f". It's been there since 30 November and he still hasn't deleted it! Maybe it means something - I mean, everything means something, right? But who knows? :?: The comments are intriguing, but maybe they're just evidence of the fact that everything can be interpreted as meaning something. Like, cofvefe... ... 1304102913

Does a space count as a character on Twitter? I've never used it.