When I'm dead .........

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Re: When I'm dead .........

Postby thirdcrank » 10 Jan 2019, 10:22pm

Yes. When Baron Blunkett introduced that he said that people were worried about having to sell their homes to pay for care and he would stop that but he didn't say that a charge would be put on the house and the local authority would be a priority creditor.

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Re: When I'm dead .........

Postby bogmyrtle » 11 Jan 2019, 7:55am

thirdcrank wrote:
No one can be forced to pay for another's funeral I think?
Not sure your married partner is liable either?
But if you have an estate will the law take your money before the will is read?

In any event paupers funeral, got to be cremation is paid by council.

I missed the bit about cremation until others commented.

My own local authority says this:
Most funerals are burials unless members of the family request a cremation, or unless the person’s wish to be cremated has been expressed in a signed, written statement.

https://www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/birt ... h-funerals

The legislation allows burial or cremation with the caveat that cremation cannot take place if this would be against the beliefs of the deceased. There is no requirement to carry out cremations on request so there may be variations on that point between authorities. Most authorities bury using recycled graves. There are no headstones. Authorities that have limited burial space may routinely cremate and only bury if there is reason that cremation isn't appropriate.
The process of authorising cremation became more involved after the Shipman case. Burial is more straightforward.
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Re: When I'm dead .........

Postby thirdcrank » 11 Jan 2019, 9:44am

Thanks for that.

One way or another, I've been involved with the investigation of quite a lot of deaths. One thing that stuck in my mind from the days when I was more impressionable and had a better memory was that a so-called pauper's funeral would always be a burial because that's cheaper than cremation. Probably some sort of urban myth.

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Re: When I'm dead .........

Postby brynpoeth » 4 Mar 2019, 6:08am

One cannae know when one shall die but I wish I could know, it would make financial planning much easier
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