Country mouse goes to the big city

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Tangled Metal
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Re: Country mouse goes to the big city

Postby Tangled Metal » 2 Sep 2020, 9:25pm

Well we're moving from a town of 5560 to a village with 2334. Well hopefully very n soon. Just need to find a house there. Maybe one day we'll get down to 3 figures or less!!!

I went to Manchester last year by train. Very much like the country mouse goes to town story for kids. As someone who avoids Lancaster on Saturdays because there's simply way too many people you can guess what I made of Manchester. I could have stayed to look around but I didn't like it and got the first train home I could after doing the business I went there to do. :| Just don't do lots of people very well these days.

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Re: Country mouse goes to the big city

Postby peetee » 3 Sep 2020, 1:25pm

I was in Southampton last week and I am not looking forward to the next visit. The traffic at most times of day was dire. One evening I had to drive approx 3.5 miles and, because of a problem on the nearby motorway, it took me 1 3/4 hours :evil: :cry: What made it even more frustrating was that I had a 450 mile drive the next day.
While the situation was exacerbated by the motorway issue I can’t see it’s going to be any different every day within a short space of time. There is considerable residential development in the area and the congestion at peak times is going to flood local roads.
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Re: Country mouse goes to the big city

Postby iandriver » 3 Sep 2020, 8:55pm

Sitting on the north bank of the Thames looking at the mysterious foreign land of South London, still feels like home.

Except it's all been gentrified and I don't have a single family member, including myself, living inside the M25 anymore.
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