Ten mental health tips

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Cyril Haearn
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Re: Ten mental health tips

Postby Cyril Haearn » 28 Dec 2020, 9:41am

The Guardian reports that This covid Madness is the greatest mental health problem since ww2

Might be true, but whatabout the Winter of Discontent, Three day week, joining the EEC, leaving the EU?
Our Boys won the football world cup 1966, maybe that was especially positive for general mental health. Were many cyclists depressed when Tom Simpson died? I remember his chums on the TdF crying

Personal mental health is another fettle of kitsch, unemployment, bereavement, physical health problems, financial problems must be in the 'top ten' :?
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Re: Ten mental health tips

Postby Jdsk » 28 Dec 2020, 10:42am

Cyril Haearn wrote:The Guardian reports that This covid Madness is the greatest mental health problem since ww2

That isn't what it says. In using "Madness" you've projected your own subjective views. IMHO putting that slant on it gets in the way of understanding the problem.


What the quoted expert says is

"... a combination of the disease, its social consequences and the economic fallout were having a profound effect on mental health that would continue long after the epidemic is reined in."

The UK's support for people with mental health problems was poor before the outbreak. It's a very good idea to discuss what's needed to change this with or without this added burden.