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Postby kylecycler » 3 Sep 2019, 10:12pm

This made me laugh - some eejit loses his camera out of an aircraft with an open door, presumably when it gets caught in the airflow...


...but you need to watch the link to understand the title of the thread. :D

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Re: Pigs...

Postby Spinners » 3 Sep 2019, 10:28pm

Very good!

That's one tough camera but that cheeky swine was hamming it up somewhat.
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Re: Pigs...

Postby kwackers » 4 Sep 2019, 8:52am

From 2014, back when Go Pro's were REAL Go Pro's.

(I thought it was a lot longer than 5 years since I'd seen that)

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Re: Pigs...

Postby mercalia » 4 Sep 2019, 9:30am

I assume he got it back then?