Humphrys bites hand that fed him (Grauniad + dm)

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Re: Humphrys bites hand that fed him (Grauniad + dm)

Postby Ben@Forest » 22 Sep 2019, 8:53pm

irc wrote:What's the issue here? Surely working for any organisation means to some extent accepting the party line...

Quite, l work part-time for a public sector body and part of the code of conduct is not publically criticising the organisation.

It's one thing to have a grievance, or even be whistle blowing, and going through the appropriate channels; it's another to be writing to a local newspaper or even writing on an Internet forum identifying and crtiticising your workplace.

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Re: Humphrys bites hand that fed him (Grauniad + dm)

Postby Sweep » 7 Oct 2019, 8:19am

brynpoeth wrote:The Grauniad reports that John Humphrys turned on the bbc as soon as he was free to do so, he worked there 32+ years and 'earned' 600k. Not much at all, I thought, under 20k p.a!?
No, stupid boy, 600k a year :?
Did he pay staff from that, or did he keep it all?

I wondered whether Mr Humphrys could have been a good ambassador for Wales but now I dinnae know what to think
Can anyone help?

As others have said, no issue/problem - non story.

Of course he didn't mouth off about his personal opinions when working for the BBC - that would have been out of order for a journalist.

But he is a human being - so fair enough that he can speak freely now.

I read quite a bit of one of his articles.

It seemed clear to me that he has a lot of respect for the BBC and its values.

One of which is journalists not spouting off about their opinions.

Which is where we came in.

So nothing to see here - non story.