Nobel Prize winners, old white males?

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Nobel Prize winners, old white males?

Postby brynpoeth » 13 Oct 2019, 9:15am

Just read about the science prize winners 2019, nine old, or at least middle-aged, white males, mostly from English-speaking countries, one is 97 years old (+1!)

Mind, some of them devised batteries without which we might not have these fora

At least the peace prize went to a black man, and the books by Olga Tokarczuk look very interesting, just have to wait for them to be reprinted or translated :wink: Did see a film based on one of her books a while ago, mind

Ed Vulliamy in the Grauniad suggests that Peter Handtke should not have won the prize because of his political views

Not much money anyway, less than a million. Each :?
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