Booze - minimum price?

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Mick F
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Re: Booze - minimum price?

Postby Mick F » 9 Jan 2021, 4:18pm

On my third can of Old Speckled Hen now.
5% as well, but more expensive than the Hatherwood at £4.50 for four from Lidl's.

Next time we go shopping, I'll be picking up four lots of four-packs of the Hatherwood. It's really quite nice.

Seems to me, that ALL 5% beers will be a fiver for a four-pack in Scotland. This leaves no room for competition on pricing.
I look for bargains, but if there are none, it's a boring beer- shopping expedition. :shock:
Mick F. Cornwall

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Re: Booze - minimum price?

Postby Syd » 9 Jan 2021, 4:38pm

Your figures are correct. Simply a case of the retailer charging what they think they can get away with.

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Re: Booze - minimum price?

Postby Ride-sleep-repeat » 9 Jan 2021, 6:17pm

Mick F wrote:The wine is 14% alc but no info about units.

There are usually two little symbols one a wine bottle on stating total units and one stating units per 125ml.
A 12.5% bottle in the fridge states 9.6 units.
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Re: Booze - minimum price?

Postby prestavalve » 9 Jan 2021, 8:47pm

Mick F wrote:Do people do this?

Yes, but never on a Sunday.

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Re: Booze - minimum price?

Postby philvantwo » 9 Jan 2021, 10:32pm

Hatherwood Brewery, another Marston take-over.

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Re: Booze - minimum price?

Postby KTHSullivan » 11 Jan 2021, 8:31pm

Mick F wrote:What? :?:

VAT stands for value added tax.
Yes it's an EU thing to call it that, but it's still purchase tax.

It's what it's levied on that is an issue. Loads of strange anomalies, but it's still a purchase tax nonetheless.

I thought it stood for Vodka & Tonic. You learn something everyday. :D
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