Why Couldnt the Red Brick Wall stand Corbyn?

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Re: Why Couldnt the Red Brick Wall stand Corbyn?

Postby atoz » 20 Dec 2019, 12:10pm

Saw the Blair interview on Newsnight posted on Youtube in which he did the usual "left wing extremist" blurb argument.

The fact that most of Labour's manifesto would not have excited any comment in the rest of Europe as being "extremist" seemed to have passed him by, but of course he does think he has a monopoly on wisdom. See my earlier comment on the proposal to electrify the buses- hardly full on storm the barricades stuff.

My local labour MP retained her seat but with a reduced majority- she is young and hardworking and local to the area- all good qualities to have if you wish to retain your seat. The Tories have tried for years to take our seat but have failed because every Labour MP we've had since 1987 has been local and hardworking. Yet up to this election our seat was considered highly marginal, so should have fallen to the Boris landslide. The reduced majority was entirely down to a challenge from the Brexit candidate who- get this- was local also. The Tory was not local to the area, noone knew who he was, and succeeded in losing Tory votes by 1%. Don't know about the other areas, but in my area if you put up a non-local with a crap election leaflet that says nothing about what you will do for the area, you will lose.

I think some of these defeats may be due to complacency in Labour areas with big majorities. In these areas in the past often Blairite loyalists were parachuted in. Sometimes these people did not perform well at representing the places they were elected to represent. Also in some of these areas the help of Momentum activisits was not welcome. Whatever you may think of them, they are well organised and communicate well, particularly with anyone who spends time on social media. But they are also notoriously good at stomping round and knocking on doors. I suspect an opportunity was wasted.

As for Bolsover- the BBC report on Bolsover failed to mention a really obvious reason why Labour lost. It had been held by Dennis Skinner for decades. At this election he was 87, and was in poor heatlh- couldn't make the count due to issues with his hip. With all the best will in the world, he was not suitable anymore to be their MP- simply too old and too frail.