Mashing the tea.

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Re: Mashing the tea.

Postby ambodach » 21 Dec 2019, 8:29pm

You certainly do not boil a mash tun. There is no means of secondary heating in a mash tun which is only to convert the starch to fermentable sugars. Boiling is a later stage in the brewing process and does not happen at all in the distilling industries. The alcohol is driven off later by heat but that is a different subject.

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Re: Mashing the tea.

Postby sjs » 21 Dec 2019, 10:24pm

Mike Sales wrote:Ey up, mi duck is about the dialect of Pinxton, a pit village a few miles north of Nottingham. "Mash" is the word used there.

There is a series of books called "Ey up mi duck", by the late Rick Scollins and John Titford, about the dialect of Ilkeston, not very far from Pinxton. We used to mash tea there too, and no doubt they still do.

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Re: Mashing the tea.

Postby geocycle » 22 Dec 2019, 10:01am

In North Yorkshire we mash the tea and make a cuppa. Further west in the red rose county you get offered a brew.