Any other motorcyclists here?

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Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby AgentWayward » 9 Jan 2020, 3:46pm

Just wondering if I'm an odd one out.

Do cyclists also enjoy a powered two wheel experience?

I'm a newbie cyclist at 52, I'm really enjoying it, my average trip is around 20 miles per day.

I love the quiet and peace (I cycle in the countryside) I like the feeling of exercise and the sense of achievement.

I also like the simplicity of the machine and the economy.

I've been riding motorcycles all my life, plus working with them, etc.

Bicycles are different in many ways but the over riding feeling is the same. Freedom.

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby kwackers » 9 Jan 2020, 3:51pm

I think there are a few...

My handle "Kwackers" is because I have a Kawasaki (ZX12).
An old bike I've had since new but tbh I can't be bothered replacing it.

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby tatanab » 9 Jan 2020, 3:56pm

Ex because I have no use for one at present. I've had Ducati, Guzzi, BMW, 1960s Triumph and a k4 Honda 250 as a learner machine. Hated the BMW, an R80. Also thought I could do ok, so raced a Triton for a couple of years. I was hopeless.

A few generations ago it was quite common to find a large crossover with people partaking in both. At one time, one of our national champions rode the chair in a motocross outfit for something different.

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 9 Jan 2020, 4:12pm

I have N+1 bicycles.
I have N+1 motorcycles
I actually don't know many I have of each, if I was to count then check again it would probably be different :lol:
I also have worked on them as a job and still work on them today, but restrict that to my own.
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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby Ben@Forest » 9 Jan 2020, 5:06pm

Ridden a motorbike for about a third of my riding/driving life. Sold my last bike in 2013. I think the difference between my riding habits and most bikers now is that l used mine for daily transport, not just leisure, though I did four or five holidays, including two on the continent.

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby profpointy » 9 Jan 2020, 5:08pm

Yup, we've got a triumph sprint Gt 1050 sports tourer. It was a bit big and heavy having not ridden a MC for 25 years, but it's quite docile really (but still heavy). It wasn't even middle aged rebellion as my Mrs very much pushed me into buying it - done a couple of Belgian trips, the Dolomites, Isle of Man and Germany on it over the last few years. Great to be able to buy British on merit rather than just sentiment, even if the Italian bikes are prettyer

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby mercalia » 9 Jan 2020, 5:15pm

Yamaha XJ900 S DIversion. It rather old now, high mileage and expensive repairs would be more than it is worth. Has never let me down ( bar a battery failure once), very little maintenance needed and I will miss the shaft drive, not many shafties left now at sensible prices. I dont use it much these days. Next bike might be a cruiser not becuase I want to do an easy rider just the seating position, legs dont like the bending even on the Diversion ( which it self has a staid riding postion?)

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby rjb » 9 Jan 2020, 5:27pm

Grandad was an AA patrolman. Here he is in 1938 on a triumph S6 in Pembroke Dock. He originally started on a bike to cover the county of pembrokeshire, only later did he get a motorbike. The AA still had cycle patrolmen into the 1950's
Let me know if anyone has seen this Triumph. The DVLA still lists it so someone out there still has it but not taxed nor mot'd

Grandad Horace 1938 (2).jpg
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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby merseymouth » 9 Jan 2020, 5:28pm

Hi there, I cry myself to sleep thinking about all of the machines I have given away or sold for peanuts!
Major landmark was a Brough-Superior SS80 engine that I gave to a mate to make a compressor?
My top of the Wish List must be a Harley-Davidson Servicar Tricycle. SWMBO would skin me if I actually got one! TTFN MM

* The AA still had bikes in the 60's or maybe even the 70's.

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby merseymouth » 9 Jan 2020, 5:34pm

Hi again, Just checked? A 1936 Triumph S6 was sold at Bonhams for a little under £13'000, hard luck. MM

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby Whippet » 9 Jan 2020, 5:48pm

I’ve owned quite a few Jap bikes. More interestingly, a 750 Norton Commando and a 675 Triumph Daytona that I raced on in 2009 ( and that won a BSB Superstock race when I lent it to the original owner in the same year ). Currently have a Harley Road King that only does a quarter of my cycling annual mileage.

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby cycleruk » 9 Jan 2020, 6:32pm

Currently got a Triumph Tiger 800. Really too heavy for me now. (couldn't pick it up if I dropped it.) so thinking about swapping for something lighter.
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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby Cowsham » 9 Jan 2020, 7:17pm

350 Elsie ( most over rated bike I've ever owned )

CB500S ( the most under rated bike I've ever owned )

DT250B ( American version - beautiful but gutless )

CBR125 ( surprisingly fast and reliable )

AMC JAMES 200 ( old Brit rubbish )

CB250K ( nosiest bike I ever owned )

TDR400 BANSHEE ( most frightening but best handling bike I've ever owned or ridden ( built ) )

CG125 ( the bike I'd pick if I had to circumnavigate the globe by motorcycle )

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby dim » 9 Jan 2020, 7:29pm

I used to ride motocycles when I was younger .... I had a few.

I am really keen to get another and I want a late 1970's/early 1980's Yamaha XT500 .... I used to own one ... thats the bike I had the most fun with .... I've been on the sand dunes in Namibia, to the Transkei Wild Coast in South Africa,through Botswana, Malawi and many other places .... an amazing motorbike and it never missed a beat

I've been looking at them but a decent one fetches £7000+ .... highly collectable

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Re: Any other motorcyclists here?

Postby carpetcleaner » 9 Jan 2020, 9:19pm

I've always used my bicycles for nearly all everyday trips but I used to have motorbikes for longer ones.Then I found that motorcycling in winter just became too cold and miserable once I got to about 35 so I bought a car. I was a utilitarian motorcyclist and though I enjoyed riding them I never went on pleasure rides in the country like I do on my bicycles.