Windows 7 support ends Tuesday 14th Jan 2020

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Re: Windows 7 support ends Tuesday 14th Jan 2020

Postby fausto copy » 31 Jan 2020, 2:16pm

Mmmm, I think we're going to abandon the laptop with W7 on and buy Mrs.C an iPad instead. :roll:

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Re: Windows 7 support ends Tuesday 14th Jan 2020

Postby 661-Pete » 31 Jan 2020, 8:04pm

I'm keeping on to the W7 laptop. I don't need support for it: it runs perfectly well thank you very much - except when someone left it running without the charger, the other day, and drained the battery. And I don't use it for anything sensitive like online banking or purchasing, or household E-mails.

I have a gripe or two with W10, which I recently acquired.
(1) the mouse cursor keeps on freezing for a few seconds, then wakes up again. Apparently this is a known bug in W10. Does anyone have a solution?
(2) when the machine arrived, it required me to enter a PIN to boot it up. Not needing that step, I went into Settings and disabled the PIN requirement. But it keeps on re-enabling itself every so often. Again, any advice?
(3) with some apps I don't want the taskbar visible, it gets in the way. So I went into settings again and checked, "hide taskbar in tablet mode" (although I'm running this from a desktop). Once again, that setting keeps on reversing itself at random intervals...

I have a nasty feeling that W10 is trying to "take back control". Rather like you-know-who after you-know-what, isn't it?
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