Money during Covid

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Re: Money during Covid

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 26 Mar 2020, 11:08am

Paulatic wrote:
Yet to use Apple Pay?
How is Apple Pay safeguarding on your phone? .

It needs your face or thumb recognition or a PIN number if you prefer. That’s why you can scan for over £30 as you’ve already done your PIN on your own personal machine.

Pin as in phone "pass code"?
No I suppose you mean pin/password as well as your phone passcode

Phone "pass code" (does everyone use the passcode?)
"Passwords" And "PINs" which can be stored on the phone and only accessed with a "passcode" If you set one turn it on et cetera?
Both Safari and web browsers on iPhones can also auto-insert passwords from your password saved list on your phone!
So only your phone passcode Protects single level security payments.
2FA, This can be used to protect payments by tying down authorisation to that device only.
Two Factor Authentication, means that you need two passwords And that device to make payments for access accounts.
But if you store passwords and pin numbers for apps in your password list, all that's needed is your phone passcode?

There is a flaw in iPhone that it automatically Auto-Inserts passwords et cetera including usernames which might be your email address or anything.
You may be prompted to save a password which you can decline, in Safari you can decline permanently for that site et ceteraStop
I have not found how to remove password once saved in Safari, but as all passwords are saved in Settings passwords, you can delete it here, Then it's gone, and you will be asked again next time you use it in Safari if you want to save or not.
I believe other web browsers work in a similar way.
But a tip is when you save your password to your password list (settings, passwords and accounts, Website and apps passwords) You only need to change the name of the website up et cetera, e.g. change eBay to eeBay, This will prevent autoinsertion, but you will have to copy make a new password in your password list that's a new entry because you cannot edit the website name at all only username and password.

I suppose that thumb or face recognition Is 2FA Away?
Will iPhone or other smart phones also insert pin numbers in apps?
I'm not sure on that one, Seems to me there are so many flaws and loopholes there?
Please correct me on any above.

I probably need to start another post for this
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Re: Money during Covid

Postby mercalia » 26 Mar 2020, 3:46pm

I didnt realise until now that the penny is steel and magnetic. all other coins are non magnetic

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Re: Money during Covid

Postby mercalia » 26 Mar 2020, 3:50pm

carpetcleaner wrote:
fullupandslowingdown wrote:
Syd wrote:There are restrictions in the UK in paying cash.

Whilst in my local watch dealer a couple of months ago it amused me I could pay a reasonable 4 figure sum using Apple Pay. Whilst doing so the sales assistant told me that they are only allowed to take a maximum of £8,000 in cash from one customer in any 12 month period.

my bank won't take more than £50 in cash now over the counter, says they don't have the room in the vault :shock:

Must cause a few problems when shops bring their cash in at the end of the day.

maybe its due the common view that most notes have been used at some stage in the drug trade and have a fine layer of coke on them :lol: need to make sure the cashiers dont go high :lol: fingering all the notes.