Cancelling Holidays.

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Re: Cancelling Holidays.

Postby philvantwo » 2 Jan 2021, 2:01pm

I've always booked the flight, transfers and accommodation myself. Had to wait about 6 weeks for the deposit refund from Pisa and then about 2 months for Ryanair!
I'm keeping an eye on Ryanair shares, once a vaccination programme is well underway the shares will rocket!!

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Re: Cancelling Holidays.

Postby Cowsham » 2 Jan 2021, 11:01pm

Lookrider wrote:I've not read all the responses so apologies if this is already on

If the holiday you booked is no longer as it appears in the brochure some hotel bars closed...hotel facilies reduced ...children's play area closed etc etc
Then you may very well have an excuse in that the agent has broken there contract in not supplying what they said and what you paid for
I heard about this tactic during first series of lockdown and passed it onto a friend of wifes
They said the same things to the agents and then the agents refunded on that reason
Now....that was 1st time around and agents may have written into contracts that everything advertised may not be available from the day you booked
I'm not a consumer rights guy
Just passing on viable excuses to attempt your refund
Further note
Pay for everything on credit card ALWAYS
You will always have more recourse on a package holiday than one where you book flights transfers accommodation separate...
sometimes all you save is minuscule amounts...agents know this so they now have great deals on a package
Holiday that costs not a lit more
Good luck and if you get a refund please share your " excuse used " to the agents

mine all booked separate and got changes to this year or full refunds -- but my question is different this year read above.

I did put the new query to stenaline and got the following response

" You can amend your ticket up to 2 hours before your scheduled sailing time."

another ferry company I use said

" if you are due to travel and you get a medical appoint to have the vaccine we would allow you to amend your booking without amendment fees but again any difference in the fare would need to be paid or a full refund if required but you would need to produce a medical letter confirming the appointment."

and now to tackle the accommodation providers.....i will report back.