Favourite sounds

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Re: Favourite sounds

Postby peetee » 14 Jul 2020, 8:07pm

slowster wrote:
peetee wrote:Merlin engine

Two Merlin engines

A few years back it was the 75th anniversary of the first Spitfire flight and approx 12 aircraft did a fly past over Southampton. Being a resident of Woolston, the suburb in which the Supermarine factory was sited I was really looking forward to the event - as were many locals.
Well, what a let down; they flew up the west side of Southampton Water and over the far side of the city and were barely audible and nothing but dots on the horizon. There were a few angry faces on the shore that day.
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Mike Sales
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Re: Favourite sounds

Postby Mike Sales » 14 Jul 2020, 8:13pm

I was awoken the other morning by a parliament of rooks enacting question time on a tree outside my bedroom window.
Not perhaps my favourite sound, but better than traffic noise.
The garden is full of ring-necked doves, and occasionally we hear a green woodpecker.

Cyril Haearn
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Re: Favourite sounds

Postby Cyril Haearn » 30 Jul 2020, 9:08am

Silence, old/simple cycle, +1

Screeching groaning fancy new carbon cycle, -1
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Re: Favourite sounds

Postby jimlews » 30 Jul 2020, 10:34am

Sun Ra Solar Archestra.

John Coltrane Saxophone.

Electric guitar played in an impolite manner.

Bach Cantata.

Eine kleine nachtmusik.

Handel Oratorio.


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Re: Favourite sounds

Postby Mick F » 30 Jul 2020, 8:23pm

al_yrpal wrote:Silence

Ticking of the clocks is nice, but other than the clocks, silence please.
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Re: Favourite sounds

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 31 Jul 2020, 10:37am

Creaking of the trees in light wind and gentle rolling waves.
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