White Working class Boys left behind

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Re: White Working class Boys left behind

Postby pedals2slowly » 18 Jul 2020, 10:24pm

roubaixtuesday wrote: Good grief. Nobody's called you anything, least of all a racist.

But he clearly is a racist

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White Working class Boys left behind

Postby Syd » 19 Jul 2020, 7:43am

Carlton green wrote:.

The NHS has a habit of employing incompetent managers and treating its staff poorly too; no slight intended but what is it about your department and hospital that is so unattractive as to have any potential applicants going elsewhere?

We could chat further about this (there is more to be said) but it would have to be by private pm and really it’s not that important.

All the above aside we drift away from my earlier and fundamental point that the roots of indigenous antipathy towards migrants date back to the 50’s when cheap labour was wilfully imported to undercut and disadvantage working class people. That action devalued those white lives and needs to be put right, white lives matter.

I left school as a young white working class boy and got an apprenticeship. When that factory closed, 6 years later, I got a job in the NHS and quickly realised how relevant my training and previous work experience was. Talking basics, replace the machine operator with a patient from a safety aspect and you’re some way there.

The roles that have typically fed us have all but disappeared and young white working class males, or indeed females or anyone from any other culture, being raised in today’s Britain are not being given the opportunities to gain training and qualifications, in enough numbers, to sustain the workforce we require and the ageing workforce is a major concern across the country.

We are adapting our entry criteria to reflect the situation but can only have so many staff in training posts at any one time to ensure we continue to be able to carry out our functions safely and effectively.

Some of the largest departments are taking on modern apprentices and putting them through a training programme in conjunction with a local education provider.

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Re: White Working class Boys left behind

Postby Oldjohnw » 19 Jul 2020, 7:59am

Even HMG is - at last - abandoning the Blair idea of university for 50% and providing training both relevant to current and anticipated needs and the aptitude of the candidate.

When degrees were inflated all that happened in too many cases was that a year was added to an existing course, am essay of sorts was required and fees were charged.

My worry now is that the arts and humanities will be squeezed out.