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Re: New Bike Lust

Posted: 24 Oct 2020, 5:55pm
by DaveP
cooper_coleraine wrote:I hanker after a new machine. I have spent this afternoon cleaning them. This always makes me appreciate what I have. Is there a cure or should I give in? I am 82 and should know better.

I am Cooper, and I am a bikeaholic... :D

If you want one, can afford one, can give houseroom to one and so on, why not? Best to start by working out exactly what you are in need of - A nice shiny red one? Indexed gears and disc brakes? Suspension? An altogether different type of bike?
Winter's on its way. Settle down and get plotting - that'll take care of your evenings by the fireside till Spring comes along. But be warned - you are poised at the top of a steep and slippery road...