Xmas dinner

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Re: Xmas dinner

Postby Jdsk » 27 Dec 2020, 11:47am

It is.



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Re: Xmas dinner

Postby rmurphy195 » 29 Dec 2020, 5:03pm

Well done for having a go.

Easy way to cook - get a steamer with a timer, chuck all the veg in a set timer for 35 mins. Sweet pots will be overdone, the rest will be acceptable at worst.

While the timer is going, cook chicken breasts, pies, boneless pork steaks (not chops), lamb steaks, or even sausages in oven for same length of time but you will need to turn them over once or twice. About 200deg will do it.("My" butcher sells prepared chicken breasts with various marinades and lamb and pork steaks ditto. He puts the chicken into foil trays, these just go straight into the oven in the tray, and just left for 30mins or so. Not even a horrible pan to wash, unless you want to reuse the trays which are great for washing bike bits in)

A pork or beef joint of about 500gm will cook slowly in the oven covered in foil on 140 deg while you go out for 3 or 4 hours (this is my sunday morning ride!)

Currys - meatballs, or diced lamb or chicken, and a jar of Mr Pataks. Follow the instructions on the jar but simmer for 1/2 hour while the rice cooks (boil in bag of course!). Sharwoods or Pataks naans.

Pasta - Dolmio pasta Bake, fish or chicken or whatever, follow the instuctions on the jar (you cook the pasta, cook the fish or the chicken, put the whole lot in a pyrex dish with the sauce, cover with cheese or whatever you fancy, and leave in the oven 1/2 hour)

Guess who took over the cooking when I retired while Mrs R was still working!!
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