Ye Gods its cold!

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ferrit worrier
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Postby ferrit worrier » 29 Oct 2008, 7:07pm

No snow yet, but boy was it cold this moring 0645am I'm due to go out earlier tomorrow 0550, Mmm not looking forward to that, I'll go out earlier so that I can take it easier. and watch out for Black ice. :shock:
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Postby reohn2 » 29 Oct 2008, 7:49pm

We were out on't tandem today and during the ride we could clearly see the snow capped North Wales mountains from Billinge hill Lancashire.I've got to say they looked great and as near as I would want snow to be :)

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Postby PW » 29 Oct 2008, 11:41pm

On the moors above Chatsworth yesterday we could see the snow showers running N-S across the high ridges west of Buxton, but the east side of the Peak and all of N.E. Derbyshire never saw a flake. Bloody cold though.
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Postby catherine.142 » 31 Oct 2008, 3:41pm

Hi there, I can totally relate, I’m from London and it’s freezing! Cycling in the cold just isn’t fun anymore… not as much fun as it is in summer when the sun is shining and it’s warm, anyway. I can’t believe it’s already snowing in some places, when it’s only Halloween! In London they’re starting with the Christmas decorations already… it’s the same commercialisation every year, that annoys me so much!

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Re: Ye Gods its cold!

Postby dan_b » 1 Nov 2008, 1:04am

jan19 wrote:just put the heating up

I've been wondering if it's time to put the heating on yet too.

Though the heating in this flat is crummy and expensive storage heaters, so perhaps I'll buy a new heater first
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Postby john4703 » 1 Nov 2008, 2:08pm

Its freezing cold and seems to have gone cold so suddenly. The positive side is that my ride home from work one day recently was at midnight and it was sleeting. It was invigorating to ride through the sleet and even better to get into a warm bed. A wife and an electric blanket make a good warming combination :D
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