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Posted: 13 Dec 2008, 4:21pm
by meic
Only last week I heard a call to reintroduce deer culling, supposedly they are having a population explosion and THEY are decimating the world.

SO we must KILL, KILL, KILL!!!

Unfortunately I am a veggie and it is illegal to hunt with a bow and arrow (my weapon of choice!)

I never get to see many deer anyway, Badgers on the other hand, I do see and it is culling season for them around here. I dont think it includes the forest though. I hope those TB infected badgers dont cheat and hide in the forest when they should be out on the farms getting gassed.
Oh I feel so humane, (KILL, KILL, KILL).

Posted: 13 Dec 2008, 4:22pm
by Dee Jay
I am getting ready for our Moon Ride: (at present) it's dry and non-icy, and our proposed route manages to avoid the coupla hundred or so flood warnings in the region. It is, however, very cold.

Check list: lights, water, banana, 26 hi-viz vests, red lipstick.

Posted: 13 Dec 2008, 4:36pm
by meic
I am off to a party with my motorcycle club tonight. I went last year, it was all on narrow country lanes and I was dressed up like a cross between the SAS and KKK (white lambswool hood with eye holes). It is only 13 miles each way but 1000metres of hills.
They decided I was totally insane riding a cycle on that night. :lol:
I had a great (drunken to start but sobered up fairly fast) ride home.

Unfortunately I am going in the car with the wife this time. :(

Posted: 13 Dec 2008, 9:17pm
by Dee Jay
Well, 4 grown-ups and 4 children turned up to do the Moon Ride. We shortened and modifiied the ride (only 6 miles) to avoid the flood debris and get back before the temperature dropped and the ice formed.

A quick drink - a plate of chips for the kids - and chat in the pub and now I'm thawing out after our ... ahem .... 'exhilarating' ride.