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Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 2:50pm
by Mick F
Do you still have some chocolate left over from Christmas?
Or have you scoffed the lot?

(BTW, we still have loads left!)

Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 2:59pm
by grim
We have quite a bit but its all stuffed in a cupboard and we don't know who's is who's so its a free for all. I have to be in the mood. Leave it for weeks then gorge on it. By then there will be none left but easter is early this year I heard.


Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 3:00pm
by meic
Almost 40 bars!!!

I keep buying the special offers, then my wife goes out shopping and does the same.
I have no willpower when it comes to chocolate. So I hand it over to my wife to hide and she gives me my weekly ration. :lol:
I asked her how much was in the stockpile and she got them out to count.

Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 5:16pm
by Hector's House
I very rarely buy chocolate, and when I do it tends to be for someone special.

And it'll be good stuff.

No Thorntons in my christmas presents, please.

Admitadly, sometimes I do buy some Cadburys, but that's because I believe in their original company policy, whether they adhere to it or not these days.
And Tesco Value bars that are now probably about 40p (were 25p when I was at school... sigh...) are pretty nice for a quick fix. I have no idea how they make the taste last for that cheap...

sorry, come the busy seasons, I work at a chocolatier and florist. it rocks. I might be a little bit of a snob.

As for the question of whether we have any left over? Put it this way, I once worked my way through a box of thorntons in about 30 minutes because they were so rubbish that the taste of any didn't last in my mouth for any more than 1 second. So any chocolate that's not good just dissappears quickly. oh the irony...

Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 6:13pm
by paulah
Hector's House wrote:I might be a little bit of a snob.

me too, I like the ones made by the chocolatier about 5 minutes walk away
(I don't go there often, honestly, well except occasionally for a hot chocolate) and 85% dark chocolate

but have just had to get in some more supplies :D

which is why I need to cycle more

Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 6:23pm
by emergency_pants
I haven't eaten a single gram of chocolate since boxing day. I've had a bad stomach virus and today I'm recovering. I've eaten four chocolate biscuits. D'OH! Still got absolutely loads of Christmas chocolate left.

Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 6:29pm
by eileithyia
My son had all the Xmas choccies in this house and they have all been eaten, mostly by him, I have been very good mainly cos he had Milk Tray and I can't stand such a sickly anaemic excuse for chocolate, give me at least 70% dark chocolate.

Just wish such delights as Jamaica Rum were still available, on second thoughts maybe not, still struggling to get back down 8s4 :lol:

Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 6:57pm
by random37
I have to be really careful with chocolate, but I find the really good stuff is easier to eat in small quantities. Normal chocolate doesn't touch the sides. :oops:

Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 7:02pm
by paulah
I find the really good stuff is only eatable in small quantities, which is why I buy it - a couple of pieces of 85% is more than enough and contains very few calories - guilt free chocolate eating :D

Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 7:24pm
by Jeckyll_n_Snyde
Some left from Xmas in those round type tins..... other than that usually eaten at the weekends as a treat.

Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 7:51pm
by Dee Jay
meic wrote:Almost 40 bars!!!

40 bars!!

I couldn't sleep if I had 40 bars of chocolate in the house!!

Posted: 25 Jan 2009, 5:42am
by Hector's House
paulah wrote:I find the really good stuff is only eatable in small quantities, which is why I buy it

That's a much more lucid and coherant way of saying what I tried to say in my ramble about the Thorntons box!

Yet I rarely buy chocolate at all. Oh! the joys of having no money. As I say, when I do, I get a box made up, so it's for someone else, obviously!

Posted: 25 Jan 2009, 6:47am
by Manx Cat
Sadly for me, Im not in the slightest bit fussy about chocolate.

I'd eat and love cooking chocci, anything is fantastic. Beth bought me some 'Fair Trade' stuff, it was good. I find the really good stuff too bitter because its usually dark and I prefer the sweet chocolate.

White is my true favourite and love.... :roll:

Currently none left in house or bought. I try not to buy it then I dont eat it!

Easter time is coming isnt it? :lol:


Posted: 25 Jan 2009, 9:20am
by eileithyia
I must admit I cannot imagine anyone having bought or had bought for them 40 bars of chocolate, are you a sweet shop?
I work on the Mary priniciple, do not buy it then it cannot be eaten! Main place I see chocolate is at work, and then try to keep away from it.

Posted: 25 Jan 2009, 10:53am
by grim
Anyone tried chilli chocolate. Its delicious but hard to get of hold near me. It comes in small bars and one square melting on your tongue is enough. chocolate taste but with a tingle on your tongue.