CTC board section?

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Would such a section (described below) be helpful?

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MAYBE....further info given below (I am _not_ a CTC member)
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CTC board section?

Postby Si » 13 Apr 2009, 5:03pm

We've always had a number of threads about the CTC itself. Some asking questions and some making suggestions for improvements. Current examples include comments on the CTC shop, questions about Newsnet, suggestions about the upcoming AGM topics (winged wheels, auditors, etc), membership woes, etc etc. Those that are about specific CTC member groups have their own bit of the board to be asked in, but the rest are spread all around the board. So, wearing my ordinary member's, rather than moderator's, hat (just 'cos i'm asking about it doesn't mean it'll get done!), I was wondering if CTC forum members would like a section of the board where the CTC itself could be talked about rather than having all such threads spread far and wide around the board?

If (and again I must stress I'm asking only as a forum user and there is nothing official behind this) it should come into existence then I suspect that there would be certain provisos (that are already in force on other parts of the board):
1/ It will not be an area to stick the boot into the CTC - to this end personal attacks on CTC staff or members will not be allowed.
2/ Likewise constructive criticism on specific issues will be welcomed but grumbling for the sake of it, or vague rants about how the CTC isn't what it used to be, etc are not helpful to anyone - point out what exactly the problem is, and ideally what you see the solution as being.
3/ All posts will be polite and respectful - it would be the aim of this part of the forum to help the CTC see how it can further improve itself, it would not be a place for spats, insults, name calling, the acting out of personal grudges against specific people or policies, etc.
4/ It should be remembered that there is no guarantee than anyone from HO or any of the councillors will read this section of the board (just as there is no guarantee that they will read any other) - there are official lines of communication (either via your councillor or direct to HO) and these should be followed if you require a response from either of these. However, it would be a place for us to discuss such issues with fellow club members, and although, as I've said, it is not guaranteed there is a chance that someone in a position of power may get to see the thread - especially if there is a lot of agreement and the thread is cited in a communication to a councillor/HO.
5/ It may be decided that the section of the forum is only open the CTC members (assuming that this is not a major admin task), or members may be asked to identify whether or not they are a CTC member when posting (ditto). I add this, again totally off my own bat, because I think that in shaping the CTC's future we need to make sure that the opinions of the current members are taken into account, and in some cases, given priority over non-members (after all these are the people that keep the club going).

Please - this thread is for the discussion of whether or not this section of the board should come about, not for the listing of any issues that you have with the CTC. If any are added to the thread then they will be split out into new threads so as not to confuse the issue in hand (unless they are duplicates of existing ones, or contravene the forum rules (above) in which case they will probably be binned).

I thank you.

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Re: CTC board section?

Postby gaz » 13 Apr 2009, 7:42pm

For myself, a CTC member, I voted no.

It's point 4 where I see the problems arising.

Each of the various boards come with posting guidleines. The For Sale, Wanted and Swaps board used to have a number (sorry I haven't checked how many are still there) including something along the lines of "put clearly in the title whether the item is For Sale or Wanted, edit to indicate when an item has been Sold or Taken".

Unfortunately not everyone read the guidelines. The board was separated out, I'm sure some problems remain with reading the revised guidelines.

If a board is created to discuss CTC policy, membership issues, etc; wouldn't anyone logging on to the official CTC website assume that HO had officially created the board and was officially monitoring and responding to items.

I think it more reasonable to assume that someone would automatically take this view than to assume they would read the posting guidelines.