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Re: Booo!

Postby eileithyia » 12 Dec 2009, 9:12am

I had fun a couple of years ago when a TV I ordered had to be collected form some depot on a god-forsaken industrial unit in Manchester.

My postman exercised commonsense recently, he knew I was waiting for a parcel having made some enquiries about the impending strikes, when parcel arrived he put it throught the door and "signed" for it himself with a note of explanation and hoped I did not mind.

Mind? Anything that saves me from trying to co-ordinate RM collection times is ok in my book. A few years ago such items were left a local post offce with sensible opening hours, now items have to be collected from the new sorting office 07.00 - 13.00 very useful when you work 07.15 in a different town!
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Re: Booo!

Postby thirdcrank » 21 May 2010, 10:40pm

The company that cracks the delivery problems and comes up with a dead cert way of getting mail order stuff to customers will beat the competition into the ground.

Having got rid of the Berlingo I now need a telescopic ladder which will fit in a car boot when I do jobs for my mother. Having identified the product and a decent sounding supplier (near Glasgow) I placed my order online yesterday morning. Part of the attraction was that the vendor advertised (correctly as it turned out) that the goods were in stock. Another attraction was 'free' next day delivery, not because I was yearning for a ladder by return, but it meant I could order it for a day when somebody would be in all day. In very short order I had an email saying the goods had been despatched in two parcels and could be tracked on the Parcelforce site. I have discovered, in passing, that the Parcelforce national hub is at Coventry - not known for good communication :wink:

At 1135 this morning the red van turned up but with only part of the consignment (the adjustable feet and standoff - no actual ladder.) No movement on the tracking log all day - although I've been able to inspect the first part of my signature on line where I signed for the packet that arrived. When last I looked, the other packet was still at the hub, although they are now not talking to me, because it's the weekend. I'm not permanently incommunicado, I may anticipate a reply within two working days, which seems to mean Tuesday - by which time I imagine I'll find a card through the door, chiding me for being out when I had the privilege of their trying to deliver my ladder.