Introductions - tell us about yourself

Use this board for general non-cycling-related chat, or to introduce yourself to the forum.
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Introductions - tell us about yourself

Post by ed_o_brain »

I have posted to the old CTC Forum (albeit occasionally) but these nice shiny new boards are likely to attract new and old members alike...

So I think it's apt to start an introductions thread.

My real name: Dan/Daniel

Age: 25

Occupation: Software developer

Favourite colour: Blue

Bikes/Cycling: I have 3/4ish road bikes and I commute between 10 and 14 miles everyday. I've partaken in a couple of time trials, a few audaxes and also cycled coast to coast last year. Recently I had my first off-road experience and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Status: Married with one child and another on the way.

Interesting fact: N/A :? - I performed in a play at the Edinburgh Festival some years ago.
It's not what you ride... it's how you ride it
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Post by Fonant »

My real name: Anthony

Age: 38¾

Occupation: Web developer / consultant

Favourite colour: Green

Bikes/Cycling: Don’t ride as much as I used to, as I work from home. Have a Windcheetah, Dawes Galaxy tandem, and unicycle. Often borrow my wife’s Gazelle Dutch roadster as it's so convenient for local trips. Used to own a Claud Butler touring bike on which I did many thousands of miles (and an Audax Super Randonneur) and a Brompton T5 which proved very useful when I was single and car-free.

Status: Married with twins aged 17 months :)

Interesting fact: The wrapped end of a shoe lace is called an aglet.
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Post by bikepacker »

It is good to see the new message board up and running.

My Real Name: Alan

Age: 63 years young

Main occupation: Cycle Tourist :lol:

Part time occupation: CTC RTR rep.

Other details on or
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Post by Si »

Real name: Si

Age: 39 (at time of writing)

"Occupation": Research archaeologist.

Bikes: Roadie, road SS/fixed, road tourer, thing what I commute on, MTB, MTB-SS, tandem + various spare frames, groupsets, wheels, etc.
Riding: mostly pleasure riding on the road, audaxes, club runs and off road touring.
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Post by 2Tubs »

Real Name: Gary

Age: 38

Occupation: Software Engineer

Bikes: 2 Road, 2 MTB and one Brompton on the way . . .

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Post by reohn2 »

Hi I'm, reohn2

real name, John

Age 53 and a bit

Occupation,(semi retired) Joiner/cabinet maker/woodturner.

married, 3 beautiful daughters, 4 beautiful granddaughters, status:bald :?

Bikes: Santana Arriva tandem,Thorn Discovery tandem,Dawes Galaxy,Raleigh 531 special,special to me anyway,Giant Suxxes city bike.

Interests; cycling of course,art,bird watching,photography,trees(I'm a bit of a hugger,thats hugger),did I say cycling?suppose I'll have to admit to poetry now too.
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Post by davidmam »


37 and a bit

Research Scientist.

Build bikes for fun and for taking the family around.

3 kids

Mostly road riding though I'lll probably be doing more off road with the kids now.

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Post by jb »

Heck! this is swish :shock: :D

Hello all again

Real name John

Age 44

Ocupation:- Maintenance Technician

Bikes:- Bobjackson supertourist. Dawes Galaxy twin, Dawes Supergalaxy, Marin Wolfridge (heavily modified) Muddy Fox Currier (for going to dodgy places, theives often bring it back if I leave it any where)

Interests:- Hill walking, Camping, Cycle touring, Mountainbiking, Motorcyling, Real ale & making things (that somtimes work)
J Bro
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Post by Jac »

The new message board is great - and with pictures!

My favourite activity is cycle touring. I have cycled and camped across much of Europe with my husband, a camera and my tin of paints.
When I'm not touring I paint for a living.

I have built several bikes in the past but now have a Rholoff equiped Thorn (red), a Dawes Galaxy (also red) and an old Holdsworth Mistral (blue).
I have also converted an old VW bus into a campervan.

Best wishes for the New Year
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Post by Brian »

Just like to say how much I like the look of the new forum.

Most of the stuff I dont mind making public is in my profile. I would just add that I am 63 years old and do most of my cycling on Sundays. It would be nice to get out during the week as well, but its a busy life when you are retired.

My Summer bike is a Bob Jackson Audax and my Winter one a Raleigh tourer. I have recently started riding with the local section of the ctc and wish I had done it years ago.

Cheers, Brian
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Post by Butterfly »

Hello. :D

Real name: Joan

Age: 36

Occupation: Nanny

Status: Single.

Bikes: Dawes Galaxy; Trek Pilot 5.0 Road Bike; Dawes something Tandem; Giant Boulder hard tail MB; Orbit Orion; Islabike trailer bike;

I'm a pusher :oops: Today I gave a bike that I don't use to my brother in law's twin to encourage him to commute. Last year I did the same to my
B-I-L with great success. 8) I also supplied bikes for all 4 of my sister's children and got them hooked. :wink: :D
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Post by epa611 »

My real name: Paul

Age: 38

Occupation: Quality Manager

Favourite colour: Yellow

Bikes/Cycling: Dawes Galaxy.

Status: Married - no kids (DINKY's)

Interesting fact: I want to open my own bike shop
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Post by Mick F »

Real Name: Mick

Occupation: Busy!
(Actually, I'm 'retired'. Ex Royal Navy, 27 years served)

Age: 54

Born in Wales, brought up in Wigan, living for the past 22 years in Cornwall.

Financial Status:
Broke. Well, not quite.

Personal Status:
Besides having VERY grey hair, married for 33 years, 2 grown-up daughters, one elderly dog, one cat and one parrot.

Reading CTC Forum
Cycling all the roads in Cornwall
Mowing the Lawn
visiting old-fashioned bike shops
doing up a Mixte frame
the study of Primus Stoves
the Use of Cycling Capes
Arguing against the use of Rolhoff Hub gears.

Happiness Level:
Extremely High

Highlight of Cycling Career:
Cycling E2E and Back in July 2006 (and meeting 2Tubs en-route!)

Thank you to everyone who reads this forum. And anyone else that knows me.

Mick F. Cornwall
mrs doubtfire
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Post by mrs doubtfire »

great idea this,

name bob.

age 57,in feb.

occupation retired,now a house husband.

fav colours red and yellow. ex postie.


girls going to get their first proper bikes this spring.

bike dawes galaxy,64 cm.

super bike with an amazing paint finish .it has three shimmers in sunshine.

Post by Charlie »

Nice to see so many familiar names on here :D

Big hello to Daniel, Si and.......
Simon basement, groundfloor, L1,L2,L3,L4,L5,L6,Penthouse. :twisted:
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