Introductions - tell us about yourself

Use this board for general non-cycling-related chat, or to introduce yourself to the forum.
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Gravity Man
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Re: Introductions - tell us about yourself

Postby Gravity Man » 16 Jan 2019, 10:33pm

Hello All.

I've been lurking this forum for the last couple of years and have really enjoyed reading about all of your exploits, experiences, opinions, likes, dislikes, pet peeves, etc, etc.

I live near Wrexham, North East Wales .... in the hilly bit to the south .... for anyone else from around that area I'll narrow it down for you by saying that I'm a '[color=#000000]jacko
'. Can you guess ?

Looking forward to many postings.[/color] :D
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Re: Introductions - tell us about yourself

Postby jamesfuller » 3 Mar 2019, 7:52pm

I've have jut joined up here after meaning to get round to it for a while so thought I would say hello.

I'm an RSF member, living in Northamptonshire.
Most of my rides are solo. I am lucky enough to commute 100-200 miles a week depending on route choice.
I am generally a mountain bike rider enjoying XC racing but currently building a new touring bike.
I get as much enjoyment from building new bikes, repairing or restoring old ones as I do from riding them.

I'm also interested in history, buildings and architecture and classic cars.
Aside from racing bikes I also compete on four wheels in my old rally car.

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Re: Introductions - tell us about yourself

Postby Pedro113 » 14 May 2019, 2:00pm

Hello all.
I am à french student, living in Marseille (i am on warm shower if some one want to visit the city during a trip it Is possible to contact me). I dicover Touring bicycle few years ago and I enjoy to ride my Vintage french randonneuse (but in reynolds turbing!). Few months ago I was looking for à spécial Rohloff frame and that's how I discover thorn and other english brands.
I appreciate à lot this kind of bikes and this community to so , here I am !

Thank you everyone to post all of this informations and review about your bicycle and parts.