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Postby Firebird » 6 Oct 2008, 9:29am


Real name Sylvia

Hobbies cycling (natch), hill walking, reading, photography. Just bought a caravan but I shall not be haunting motorists with it, it's going on a permanent site!

Make short documentary films when I can, the "day" job is a Community Development Officer based in a High School. Basically means getting our kids out doing productive work in the community (sweeping chimneys, etc, only joking) and also getting the community into school to use our facilities by way of evening classes, art related events and all sorts of interesting stuff.

Live in Lowton now, have previously lived in North Wales for 10 years, and in Yorkshire for 10 years.

Cycles are an old Universal folding bike (called "Tyke Bike") which I bought for a tenner and which got me pedalling again: also got a hybrid cheapie for slightly longer trips and fingers crossed I am getting a Claude Butler for my charity bike ride next year.

Dee Jay
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Postby Dee Jay » 6 Oct 2008, 10:31am

Hello to everyone!

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Postby fonty1978 » 11 Oct 2008, 11:53am

Hello Everyone

My real name is Howard and I live near Manchester. Age 30 just.

Job is a Project Technician within a Engineering company.

I used to bike quite a bit when i was younger and was recently awakened to cycling when i bought a bike through my company's RTW scheme.

Currently doing 50 miles a week on my steed.

Bike = Scott Sportster p45 with added pannier rack, full length mudguards. Also 2 new tyres fitted while the bike was a month old after having 9 punctures in 4 weeks :x Since fitting the Schwalbe Marathon cross not had a puncture in 3 months!! [Knocks nearest piece of timber]

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Postby theking54 » 15 Oct 2008, 7:21pm

Hi all.My real name is Anthony,age 54,married,Maintenance Engineer by trade.I have two bikes,Raleigh Royal and Raleigh Classic 15.My wife uses a Nigel Dean Tour Ace,what ever happen to him?



Postby wheelymad » 16 Oct 2008, 4:47pm

Hi all.

Real name - Steve

Live/Cycle - commute London.

Cycle toured Uk, E. Africa, S.America, Canada, Cuba, Sri-Lanka, France - many times, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Laos & Thailand.

Bike - Roberts' "Roughstuff".

Genesis Rider

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Postby Genesis Rider » 19 Oct 2008, 8:59pm

Real Name: Graeme

Age: 50

Occupation: Contracts Manager/Buyer for a Pharmaceutical company or as I have been told, I am a drug dealer and take contracts out on people)

Married, 20 years, two kids, daughter has Down's syndrome and is the reason I cycle, I started riding the Capital to Coast for the DSA and never looked back (too dangerous)

Financial Status: Bought shares in Banks - what do YOU think!

Interests (apart from cycling): Reading Discworld books. Chess, Losing money in ever increasing numbers on the Stock Market, winding up Americans/ The French/The Germans, and if none of them about the Scots.


Postby spikegomez » 22 Oct 2008, 11:48am

its nice to have here right...

My Real Name: Spike

Age: 23 years young

Thanks ....

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Postby bikely-challenged » 23 Oct 2008, 12:42am

Hello and welcome all :D
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Postby sadjack » 26 Oct 2008, 8:46pm

Hi to all.

Real name is Tony

And remember "Its not the critic who counts"


Postby alan-82 » 26 Oct 2008, 9:22pm

name. alan
age. 26 3/4
occupation. groundsman for large landscaping company
hobbies/interests. mtb's, motorbikes, motorsports(moto gp, f1 etc) fishing(pike),reading, walking, camping, kayaking
married, no kids yet.

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Postby Edmundro » 19 Nov 2008, 4:53pm

Real Name: Edward, but its Ed really.
Age: 23 1/4
Resides: Hackney in east London
Occupation: Groundsman/driver/2nd climber for small Tree Surgery firm and loving every minute of it(except climbing spikey robinias in the rain t'other day)
Not married but live with my wonderful girlfriend Lizzy.
No kids.
When i grow up.....: I want to live in the woods and run a company building bespoke tree houses/play equipment from sustainable timber.
Hobbies: Cycling, rock climbing, tinkering in general, trained guitar maker but don't have workshop at the mo :cry: , hedgelaying, learning to slackline, juggling, used to skateboard a lot more, really should get back into it.... , my vw, collecting old woodworking/rural tools yadda yadda yadda.
My Bikes: Surly Long Haul Trucker tourer, Giant Bowery ss, Proper Houdini BMX hack bike(is tiny, has 1 brake yet weighs about as much as the Surly)

What's next? Climbing the sea cliffs on Portland island in a couple of weeks

Climbing trees is fun, climbing trees with a chainsaw is another kind of fun entirely

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Postby Si » 19 Nov 2008, 7:31pm

Nice splittie! I used to have a 1/4 share in a pair of them but not as smart as yours.

Oh, bikes aren't bad either :wink:

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Postby Mick F » 19 Nov 2008, 8:03pm

Not convinced about the carpet, but the laminate is ok!

Welcome to The Forum!

I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.



Postby moosling » 25 Nov 2008, 8:23pm

Er, hello. I'm not really in the UK at all, but I'm sneaking onto this forum as it seems like it will be a handy sort of place for planning an upcoming trip.

I'm an Australian who's living in Canada at the moment, with a Surly LHT sitting in storage waiting for me to stop playing in the snow and ice and go cycling in Summer 2009. A few weeks in Japan, then flying on to Dublin and as much of the rest of Europe as we can manage from mid-June onwards.

(Meanwhile my other bikes will be languishing at home - one hardtail MTB, one single-speed, one fixie built from an old track frame, one unicycle... not to mention the 4 sets of skis, the climbing gear... )

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Postby nosmo king » 30 Nov 2008, 3:04pm

Hi everyone,
The name comes from a 1930's comedian who wanted a stage name and saw the no smoking sign above the theatre door!
Real name is Darryl,living in North Wales. 45 years old.
been cycling since 13 when I had a bright red chopper ( ooh er missus!!)
Had a custom built Harry Hall tourer for 23 years, just retired the old girl and got a Claud Butler Regent. Not a bad bike but the HUGE tyres will have to go. Done the LEJOG many years ago. Only day/weekend rides these days though.
Cheers! :D