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Postby Asdace » 30 Nov 2008, 3:36pm

Great name, reminds me of a classic Northern Soul hit record of the 70's by Nosmo King & The Javells – Goodbye (Nothing To Say)

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Mick F
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Postby Mick F » 30 Nov 2008, 7:48pm

Hiya Nosmo!
Welcome to the thingy!
(My chopper is orange)
And give my love to N Wales, the land of my birth, even though my folks were Lancastrian as far back as anyone knows.
Mick F. Cornwall

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Postby ians » 2 Dec 2008, 10:24am

Hi all

I'm an older/newbie/oldie - returned to cycling about 5 years ago. I used to race/tour/club rides when I was a teenager - then girls and cars got in the way.

Bought a hybrid - steep learning curve - where did all these gears come from? (all my teenage bikes were 5 speeds). Starting having fun again - modern bikes are just fantastic - comfortable, quick, easy to ride.

Then about 3 years years ago was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer - read Lance's book and promised myself a new bike when my treatment finished. Couldn't wait and halfway through bought a Rolhoff equipped Thorn Raven Sport tourer (life's too short for cleaning derailluers - or spell them). Amazing bike.

Life's now back to normal and to celebrate just bought myself a road bike with clipless pedals - my first 'racing' bike in 45 years. Wohoo. And I haven't fallen off. Yet.


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nosmo king
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Postby nosmo king » 3 Dec 2008, 6:27pm

Hi ians,
Welcome aboard. I'm a newbie on here too! I have been cycling for over 30 years athough not as much now as I did in my youth. I was a CTC member in the 80's but let it slip when I got married.
Moved to North Wales 2 years ago and that's when I rekindled my love affair with cycling. Mind you it's tough around Snowdonia.

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Postby ians » 4 Dec 2008, 2:46pm

thanks Nosmo


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Postby skrx » 13 Jan 2009, 2:11pm

I'm new too! (Though I've made a couple of posts already.)

I didn't cycle much as a teenager, since my parents didn't let me out of their sight :(.

Now I'm 22 and I live in west London. Once I realised I'd save 15 minutes each way and £15 a week if I cycled to work and get a bit more fit and healthy, I borrowed a bike and I've cycled to work every day since 1st January! Including in the snow -- it was great fun (though I'm sure the novelty would have worn off if the snow hadn't melted first).

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Postby Si » 13 Jan 2009, 2:15pm

Welcome skrx, and good on you for getting on your bike...keep it up now, it'll get even more fun as the weather improves.

Dee Jay
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Postby Dee Jay » 13 Jan 2009, 4:26pm


Welcome to all the latest members of the Forum!

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Postby funkhouse » 20 Jan 2009, 2:27pm

well hello.

real name: Jonathan
real occupation: Sound Engineer
real nice place: Mongolia
real-ly like: Cheerleaders (you're lying if you say you don't)

oh yes; i'm 28.

i'm new to the 'serious' world of cycling. my first bike was a red raleigh pacer 5-speed when i was 13 (the best birthday present ever, thanks mum & dad).
i used to go everywhere on a cheap 10-speed mountain bike when i was in my mid-teens but am returning to the cycling world in the very near future as a commuter in london. i'm scared.... even though i've written-off 2 motorbikes and survived.

despite the irrepressible lust for two-wheels with an engine, i'm getting a specialized vienna 4 through, which i'll be picking up on saturday and then will be trying a 10-mile commute every day from north london to canary wharf.
can't wait.

also have designs in my head to build a fixie (tut tut) because i like customizing stuff. don't read too much into it.

i've found this forum to be really helpful already, with speedy responses to various questions.

Neil Fat Man On A Bike
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Postby Neil Fat Man On A Bike » 22 Jan 2009, 11:40pm

I'm Neil,
I'm an Englishman living up in the far North of Scotland.
I've only just really started cycling after a break of 22 years. I used to race wheb I was a teenager ( time trials, circuits and track ) During that time I've become quite fat ( read obese but already 1 stone down since Christmas ). In an effort to beat the flab I've got a lovely restored Mercian and will be riding LEJOG this May with a mate of mine from London. Cant wait to get started.
Occupation Fire Fighter ( part time in the Highlands and Islands ), I also run a craft shop and I'm a sculptor. Married to Sarah, no kids but two lovely labradors and a cat. 2 mountain bikes and the Mercian.

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Postby beachcomber » 24 Jan 2009, 9:45am

I've just found my way to this part of the forum.(I'm new to this sort of thing)

I'm Andy
51 years old and recently retired, yipee.
I have cycled on and off forever. More seriously since a knee injury in the early 90's put paid to running.

Half a dozen bikes in the garage belong to me, a couple belong to Sue, my long suffering wife, our tandem jointly owned of course and there are several bikes belonging to friends which are being repaired or serviced. Need a bigger garage.

I have recently done two club sessions at Manchester velodrome. Fantastic !
Amazing how trying something new rejuvenates your cycling mojo.

Making plans for many trips now I'm a man of leisure. 8)

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Postby john_roberts » 27 Jan 2009, 6:13pm

Hi to everyone on the forum from a Newbie

My real name: John

Age: *cough* 40+

Occupation: Musician

Favourite colour: Red

Bikes/Cycling: Still using my Mt Shasta Backwoods which I bought new in 1993, still going strong with no problems apart from a couple of rust bubbles (my fault for lack of proper storage) and front suspension forks hardly ever work (haven't done since about 1993!) I like it, very stable bike and seems to take everything thrown at it. I wonder if anyone else has one...?

Interesting fact: My Grandad, Laurence Roberts, was a member of the CTC and used to tour Europe, frequently achieving 1500+ miles in his '70s and '80s on his Dawes roadbike.

I hope I enjoy my stay :D

Dee Jay
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Postby Dee Jay » 1 Feb 2009, 11:46am

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! .... to you all!


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nosmo king
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Postby nosmo king » 1 Feb 2009, 6:39pm

Hello and a big welcome to all newbies! Happy cycling! :D

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Postby rjb » 3 Feb 2009, 10:02pm

Should have done this years ago but only recently on broadband so still finding my way around. So much faster than dial up!

Real name Roger

Age 57

Born and brought up in Plymouth, (apart from short spell on the Clyde, Inverkip, dad was in the navy)

Occupation:- retired Yippee!

Previous:- nuclear engineer

Cycling history:- Started as a teenager in Plymouth with the St. Budeaux and Corinthian cycling clubs. Rest from cycling after completeing formal education 1974. Started running then fell over and cracked a rib a few weeks after completing London Marathon in 3.15 (Officially 3.20 but took me 5 mins to cross start line). Too painful to run with so started cycling again in 1987.

Bikes, Dawes super galaxy tandem, Discovery tandem, 2 road bikes, mountain bike converted for road use, 2 Dawes kingpin folding shoppers (bought for £10 from advert posted in supermarket, a real bargain), fixed hack bike.

Other interests, Classical music, DIY,