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Posted: 12 Jan 2007, 8:33am
by pigman
thanks for posting the pic. Exactly what I need now, sat in a dismal office with crap weather.
just one thing which I'd like to see for people posting pics (and it also gets me with the ctc mag) can you all please tell me where the pic was taken - who knows I might have been there myself, or it might give some inspiration for a future tour. :lol:

Posted: 12 Jan 2007, 9:05am
by Guy

Hi pigman. See if you can guess where this picture was taken. :D

Posted: 12 Jan 2007, 9:22am
by ThomasDylan
Jac wrote:Shame - I used to like donkeebrain -

Well, if you're ever in Budapest... :wink:

Posted: 12 Jan 2007, 12:09pm
by Lusting my Pinnarello

Yes it certainly makes me happy everytime I see pictures like that too.

The picture was taken in the county of Lanark... about 2 miles from the M6 heading towards the highest village in Scotland - WanlockHead.... A FANTASTIC RIDE 8) full of hills and sheep. This was in June when I did a cycle ride from Rotherham to Glasgow (on the Pin) One of the best sunny hot weeks I have ever ridden in.

I'll post some other pics later today, when I'm back home.

(There were a few wild campers around on that road too.

Posted: 12 Jan 2007, 7:28pm
by Lusting my Pinnarello
As promised another pic


Top Picture - just a few hills I had to climb :shock:

Middle picture - This is the M74. The road above it runs parrarell all the way to Glasgow. Its here that I cam across a famous and weird pheonominom (spelt right?), where (no wind) I'm peddling bloody HARD! down hill AND slowing down!!! ITS TRUE :shock: :twisted: :evil:

Bottom Picture. The Lockerbie Memorial - If you are passing by - then I do suggest you pay your respects. Its an beautiful place, and NO photo will give it the credit.