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Postby peter236uk » 9 Sep 2010, 3:25pm

I wonder I have been a member of the CTC for around 12 years now but wonder what is the point sometimes and is it a waste of money ?

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Re: membership

Postby reohn2 » 9 Sep 2010, 5:28pm

Why is it a waste of money?
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Postby AlbionLass » 9 Sep 2010, 5:29pm


Only you can decide that really.

Doug Deep
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Re: membership

Postby Doug Deep » 9 Sep 2010, 7:07pm

I was a member for about 15 years. I asked myself the same question and decided that I would take a year "out" so to speak.
That was 3 years ago and I have neither renewed my membership, or missed being a member.
I certainly don't miss that dreadful magazine!
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ferrit worrier
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Re: membership

Postby ferrit worrier » 9 Sep 2010, 7:12pm

I think it's good for the insurance cover and the accident solicitors, hopfully you'll never need them.
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Re: membership

Postby meic » 9 Sep 2010, 8:39pm

I suppose it would be a waste of money, if I didnt ride a bike so much.
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Re: membership

Postby rapidfire72 » 9 Sep 2010, 9:30pm

Been a member now for 10 years and was a member back in the the early 80's until late 80's. personally, I think it is ok for the insurance and the accident thingy. But, the magazine is the pits lately.

Anyway, I'm planning a 800 miles tour next year and probably wise to keep it up.


Re: membership

Postby Jonty » 10 Sep 2010, 10:46am

I think the magazine is quite good. I always read most of it. I joined later in life as I participated in more active/violent pursuits when younger before joining the sedate world of cycling in my dotage. :shock:
I took out a 5 year membership at a reduce rate as I'm a senior citizen. :mrgreen:
Surely it must be a good thing to support an organisation which represents cyclists. :?:
I'll have to review it when I'm 70. :!:
Yet another decision!