Favourite tea shops

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Re: Favourite tea shops

Postby Paulatic » 4 Jul 2020, 8:48pm

cyclemad wrote:Walsingham Barns cafe - North Norfolk...awesome pies and Sunday lunches .....

The Crab Hut Brancaster Staithe North Norfolk...great seafood and great coffee

I found the Crab Hut purely by accident but blimey what a great accident. Chatting in queue and guy in front was a local farmer. He asked for ‘specials’. I followed suit :D
Fantastic the teas good too.
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Re: Favourite tea shops

Postby cyclemad » 4 Jul 2020, 9:52pm

the seafood special is great...especially with freshly brewed coffee when available

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Re: Favourite tea shops

Postby rmurphy195 » 8 Jul 2020, 7:19pm

Visited Manor House Tea Rooms, Earlswood yesterday (their re-opening day). Now feels like getting a little bit back to normality.

Nice to see, as we left, a few cyclists turning up - cyclists are almost the bread-and-butter customers! Hope they didn't park thier bikes in the walkway round to the back garden though, the proprietor has bent over backwards to give people lots of space in what is not a very big place to start with.

They've really pulled out the stops to make their customers safe and, importantly, feel safe. Lots of outside tables/chairs. Small marquee to take orders, since the area around the indoor till is so tight they've moved it all outdoors! Goes without saying excellent coffee and scones! Nice to see its the same people. And nice to see Frank, Sammy and Dino (the goats).
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