Googled yourself?

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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby Deckie » 7 Mar 2012, 9:14pm

Apparently I'm a Labour Councillor, Tory MP, Baron, Impressionist artist and magician (with a chemistry degree).

I knew I was good, but... :mrgreen:
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cycle cat
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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby cycle cat » 7 Mar 2012, 10:49pm

You're not Paul Daniels are you?!!! :shock:
Thank goodness for soup.

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Alex L
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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby Alex L » 8 Mar 2012, 12:17am

Most of mine are links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Most of which of these are me, a few others of the same name. There is one author of a business book. Nothing too exciting.

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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby AlanD » 8 Mar 2012, 1:03pm

gaz wrote:Alan D, last time you tried this you were on Death Row. Were you reprieved or are you posting from the other side?

Come to think of it is cycle cat?

No, that was me. and to answer your question Gaz, I have no idea. It's reassuring though to have to scroll down through quite a lot of pages before I come to an entry for the real-me. Tried it with my ex's name and there she was on the first page, good to see that she's still putting herself forward. :)

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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby RickH » 8 Mar 2012, 1:30pm

Slightly off track - but I found myself on Google StreetView! :D I was walking a friend's little boy to school, pushing my bike so I could ride home afterwards.

I was passed by a StreetView car out on my bike a couple of times but they seem to have used a different run each time on those stretches of road (you can tell by the abrupt change of weather, sometimes even season, as you move along the road in StreetView!)


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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby AlbionLass » 8 Mar 2012, 1:36pm

One of my cats is on street view, sitting in the front bedroom window.
They've streetviewed my street twice a couple of years apart and both times the cat was sitting in the window.

(She is real, not stuffed or anything.)

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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby ambodach » 8 Mar 2012, 7:33pm

Am I the only one to find myself on google? I did also find one alias but was as they say gobsmacked to be there in person.

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Mick F
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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby Mick F » 8 Mar 2012, 7:45pm

No, I'm sure you're no the only one ................
Mick F. Cornwall

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ferrit worrier
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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby ferrit worrier » 8 Mar 2012, 7:46pm

I'm not on street view but my trusty old Landy is :D :lol:
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Mick F
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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby Mick F » 8 Mar 2012, 7:52pm

Street View is brilliant. Landrovers included!

I don't have a Landrover, but we have a pub not far from here! ... 94,,0,9.74

Just found the the Street View car came up out lane!
It must have been fairly recently, and it must have been early on a Wednesday morning - recycling day.
Google Street View.jpg
Mick F. Cornwall

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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby Manx Cat » 8 Mar 2012, 11:03pm


I am Spider Mans Girl Friend... Dont tell him upstairs, its my special secret... shhhh.....

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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby PW » 9 Mar 2012, 8:21am

To the best of my knowledge......
I'm only on 1 internet photo, and no I ain't tellin' :wink:
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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby J.Y.Kelly » 9 Mar 2012, 12:08pm

Apparently, I'm a businessman in Chicago and Toronto, a fly fisherman that can trace my lineage back 2,000 years, and a writer of books about the Russian wilderness.
I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, (that'll be the day!), and a biomedial scientist. I don't know how I manage to fit it all in, what with my real life cabinet making!

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Re: Googled yourself?

Postby meic » 9 Mar 2012, 12:14pm

A TV presenter, even if a slightly educational version.

The FO lawyer who was (asked and then) ignored when he told Blair and Straw that the war would definitely be illegal.

A few other academics.
Yma o Hyd