From todays Observer (print) Magazine section

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From todays Observer (print) Magazine section

Postby 7_lives_left » 24 Jun 2012, 8:40pm

Spotted in the Observer magazine 24 June (printed edition), "Wheels" column, brought to you today by Martin Love.

This is usually about motocars so I steer clear, but there have been a couple of articles on bicycles recently. Todays offering is about the bike that Bradley Wiggins will be using in The Tour this year.

But no detail is to small to attract the eyes of Andy [Verrall, Mechanic] and his mechanics. "It all comes down to weight," he said. "When we build Wiggo's bike we weigh all the ball bearings and choose the lightest ones." The differences are tiny, but it's the science of "marginal gains" that adds up.

No hint of any humour intended and it's a bit late for the start of April. :roll:

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Re: From todays Observer (print) Magazine section

Postby Slidingpillar » 24 Jun 2012, 9:23pm

That quote, if true is a recipe for disaster. A ball bearing is made a certain size, to fit the races properly. Two ball bearings of the same size, weigh the same, unless they're not the same size, ie one is smaller, or one has included air or other impurities.

I think the journalist did not really understand - won't be first time misdirection has been used; carrot for your eyesight?
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