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Re: Cataracts

Postby axel_knutt » 26 Nov 2012, 6:10pm

531colin wrote:
axel_knutt wrote:..................... My cataract is only small, it wouldn't neccessarily surprise me if it wasn't the cause of the poorer eyesight in my left eye at all. .....................

Then isn't that the first question?
I get the impression that your sight is deteriorating in one eye only re. fixing the maybe the question is what is the exact cause of the deterioration?
If it is the cataract, you may struggle to get treatment as your sight is "good enough" for ordinary stuff....from others contributions, that seems to be the level the NHS has set itself.

When I had my first prescription I found that they were as good as my old pair of ready readers in my good (right) eye, but alot worse in the left eye with the cataract. When I queried it I was told that I can't expect my sight to be good with a cataract, which of course doesn't explain why the ready readers were better than the prescription. One optician told me that all the light passes through a single point on the lens, which is just plain wrong, I think she's confusing this diagram with this one.
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Re: Cataracts

Postby 531colin » 26 Nov 2012, 8:24pm

I'm certainly confused now!
Are you having readers prescribed by the Optician, or bi-focals, or what?
Do you know your prescription, and/or your prescription history?
Can you see to fix the telly with your ready readers?....the lens strength is often written on ready readers, eg +2.

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