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Solar phone chargers

Posted: 18 Apr 2013, 7:18pm
by dodger
Off on a 4 week camping trip soon but few opportunities to charge my phone (Samsung Galaxy).
Anybody used a solar charger? OR, rather, anybody used an EFFECTIVE solar charger?
If so, tips on make, model and where to purchase gladly welcomed.

Re: Solar phone chargers

Posted: 18 Apr 2013, 7:28pm
by nez
I bought a couple of spare batteries for a galaxy cheaply on eBay. Helps a bit.

Re: Solar phone chargers

Posted: 18 Apr 2013, 7:58pm
by dodger
Spare batteries - good idea thanks.

Re: Solar phone chargers

Posted: 18 Apr 2013, 9:18pm
by 661-Pete
I'm rather dubious about the solar charger idea. The time when you want to charge up your phone in a hurry, is likely to be after you've set up camp, had your supper, and then decide you want to phone home. It's going to be dark!

My son got himself a hand-cranked charger which, so it was claimed, worked at vigorously for a few minutes, gave you enough charge for a couple of minutes on the phone. He said it wasn't very effective partly because the phone jack connectors provided were rather poor quality, but there may be better models around.

I think some camp site owners may allow you to plug in your charger overnight - it can't do any harm to ask! If you're going overseas remember to take the correct plug adaptor.

Re: Solar phone chargers

Posted: 18 Apr 2013, 9:49pm
by dodger
Thanks Pete. Yes, I'm a bit dubious too but I'll take the charger in case.

Re: Solar phone chargers

Posted: 20 Apr 2013, 10:09pm
by eclipse
Got myself a little 2 pin usb charger for 1.99 on amazon to charge my S2 on this weeks walking tour of Mallorca. Its titchy, and weighs next to nowt! I already had a solar charger, and am not impressed in low light conditions, and weight is a big consideration.

Re: Solar phone chargers

Posted: 21 Apr 2013, 10:03am
by Cunobelin
The best way forward is a combined system such as the PowerMonkey


Stores charge which can be used to charge the phone, then top up the PowerMonkey with the solar charger. It can also charge from USB or mains. You can normally plug in for e few minutes here and there

I have used mine to keep two smart phones charged for a week of camping...........but only once, as most other tours have had insufficient sunshine