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Re: Gas Boiler Con

Posted: 12 Jun 2013, 9:03pm
by Whippet
Yes, gas safe registered and fully qualified on natural gas, LPG, oil and solar. I've run my own gas heating business for the last 10 years.

Would you take my word or shall I copy and paste the regs?

Re: Gas Boiler Con

Posted: 12 Jun 2013, 9:22pm
by Whippet
gnvqsos wrote:
Whippet wrote:To clarify:

Only a person recognised as qualified through an approved scheme ( currently Gas Safe Register, used to be CORGI ), can work on a gas appliance as part of their business. Work includes undoing the screw or nut to remove the front cover, not just touching the gas parts.

HOWEVER, a house holder may work on their own appliance so long as they comply with the relevant gas safety regulations. If you are not familiar with the regulations, it's unlikely you'd comply with them.

I think you will find any competent person may work on a boiler if the gas stream is unaffected.For example the replacement of a diverter valve does not impinge on the combustion process,neither does the replacement of a PCB nor a fan.Are you a gas qualified tradesman?

Define "competent". The government currently defines it as someone approved by the Gas Safe Register.

On all but the very oldest boilers, the case seal is an integral part of the combustion process as well as being integral to the safe operation of the boiler. The fan and PCB are also integral to the safety devices of the boiler.

Here you go,

Gas Safety Regs 3.1. Says no person shall work on gas appliance as employee or self employed unless competent = part of a body approved by the HSE: ... ion/3/made

You'll see here that "gas fittings" include whole gas appliances, not just the parts that convey gas. ... ion/2/made

As I said originally, house holders may work on their own gas appliances, but are still expected to adhere to the appropriate regulations.