What do you love to hate? e.g Moultons ..

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Re: What do you love to hate? e.g radio 4 ..

Postby Cugel » 18 Oct 2019, 5:59pm

Mick F wrote:Radio 2

Chris Evans
Ken Bruce
Jeremy Vine

All three should be shot at dawn.

Why wait until dawn?

I too have an intense dislike of prattle-fools on various radio channels, which I generally avoid like the plague but come across in the gym or locations such as a dentist's waiting room. The commercial channels are worst, with oily patronizing voices trying to sell me dross or hysterical fools going into raptures about some junk or other. Then there's more of that whining with a boom-boom noise that goes for contemporary musik these days.

I try to get them to turn it off, starting with nice well-mannered requests but eventually descending into a sulky tantrum if they won't. :-)

Still, I'll never descend into hating them. When dawn comes and it's time for their despatch, I will commiserate with them and perhaps not tie on the blindfolds too tight. I would offer them a final fag but it's bad for their health so no.


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Re: What do you love to hate? e.g Moultons ..

Postby brynpoeth » 18 Oct 2019, 6:36pm

No no, no need to 'hate' them so much, no-one is obliged to listen to them. Send them all to a lonely paradise island together alone

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