Overlapping Interests

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Heltor Chasca
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Overlapping Interests

Postby Heltor Chasca » 2 Jan 2015, 10:14pm

Nothing to do with feet knocking your panniers. Just a Thread wondering about what interests you may have that overlap, relate to, or maybe even have nothing to do with cycle touring. What are they? And why do you think they have something to do with cycling? I'm fairly new to this forum so maybe it's a clandestine way of introducing myself. These are mine. Here goes:

Organic, edible gardening : Interest in decent nutrition and a close connection with Mother Earth (I knit pants made from yoghurt btw);
Camping : Sleeping outdoors and an obvious, cheap, light option (I picked 3! Whoo hoo);
Bushcraft : Similar to the above, but perhaps introducing foraging as nutrition and other light-weight, low-impact camp skills into the mix;
Beard growth : I thought instead of Lycra, facial hair is more useful on long rides;
Pets : A hare-like springer spaniel and a tortoise. Really. No Aesop's fable tale here. Neither any good on a bike. One of their ears flap in my face and the other's shell has an annoying rattle;
Birdwatching & entomology (mine being butterflies, bumblebees & dragonflies) : When you are outdoors these things are hard to miss (eye protection needed?) ;
Poultry keeping : Erm maybe hard boiled eggs or kedgeree for the road? (feathered companionship on the front rack in the same way as a figure-head appears on a ship);
Long hair : Adds to the image of one being far from home;
Canoeing : A hobby but trying to find the obvious overlap apart from another outdoor pursuit and repetitive-strain-injury-causing sport.

What say you? Confess fellow velocipeasants...............hc

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Re: Overlapping Interests

Postby SteveHunter » 2 Jan 2015, 11:14pm

I'm a beer brewer, this gives me plenty of time in the garage while brewing to tinker with the bikes. I can also spot the Wild Hops growing in the hedgerows and return at harvest time :)
I'm a beer fanatic, I can cycle around the decent pubs sampling the latest offerings.
Cycling enables me to keep the beer belly under control, almost ;)

I'm also a kayaker, can't see a connection either.

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Re: Overlapping Interests

Postby cjchambers » 3 Jan 2015, 1:02am

Photography - Don't do as much as I used to, but I'm convinced the bicycle is the ideal vehicle for the photographer - cars are too quick and walking is too slow. On a bike, you can stop wherever you like and travel at a pace conducive to noticing things while still able to cover ground quickly if required.

Playing brass - Whenever I get a lung function test for work, there follows a conversation about my abnormally high vital capacity and (more notably) peak expiratory flow. Is it because I cycle 200 miles a week, or because I spend an hour a day blowing raspberrys down a curly metal tube . . . ?

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Re: Overlapping Interests

Postby Flite » 3 Jan 2015, 3:28pm

Orienteering - running or on a bike. Allows me to indulge my life long obsession with maps.
Cycle touring gives me more time to make decisions about routes.
If this were an orienteering forum, the question would be "how do you file your maps?"