Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

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Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby Geoff.D » 24 Jan 2015, 3:50pm

Just before I set out for my ride today, I realised what was the best cycling thing I ever bought. Well, to be exact, I should say the best cost-effective thing I ever bought - a TRACK PUMP.

Going back to the good old days (??) of the 60's, when I was 12+, you pumped up your tyres with a standard hand pump with a flexible connector to either presta or woods valves. The technique my Dad showed me was to clamp the bottom(ish) of the barrel to the top of my left knee with my left hand and pump away with my right arm until either the tyre got to the desired pressure (gauged by squeezing between curled knuckles and thumb), or the barrel/connector became too hot, or I got knackered.

I did other things from 1973 to 1983, and came back to discover that shraeder valves were being used on bikes, and that I could avoid all the effort by using my motorcycle foot pump. That lead me to invest in a track pump, with a pressure gauge, flexible hose and foot stirrups. What an eye opener!! How easy, from then on, to check and pump every week.

There have been more expensive things that give (have given) me great pleasure.......but pound for pound this is my best.

It's highly subjective, of course, but anybody got their own winner?

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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby irc » 24 Jan 2015, 4:42pm

Richard's Bicycle Book. I might not ever have gone touring without the enthusiasm passed on by Richard Ballantine.

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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby DaveP » 24 Jan 2015, 5:51pm

My first bike.
Not being a clever clogs! I say this because of the impact it had on my personal world. Previously my knowledge of the town I grew up in was based on bus routes. The bike was old, pretty knackered and a bit on the small size but I rode it industriously for a couple of years and ended up joining up the ends of the (mainly radial) routes, and afterwards the town was a different place. Auntie did live close to Granny after all!
I cant think of any purchase cycling or not that's had such a profound impact. Mind you - still paying for the wedding ring... :lol:
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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby Templogin » 24 Jan 2015, 6:51pm

Rohloff hub

I hate derailleur gears with a passion, and really thought about getting rid of my bikes, but the Rohloff has really been my salvation. At my age, mid 50s, with a weight problem, I need all the exercise I can get, and the Rohloff has made cycling a pleasure once again. The wide range of gears, almost instantly selectable, means that you can progress along without having to do the maths about which chainring and rear cog I should be going to next with the onset of the hill in front of me.

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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby 661-Pete » 24 Jan 2015, 6:59pm

Not a very original idea, but I suppose the rack and panniers comes high on the list. Even though we only use ours for shopping now, the number of £££££££s we've saved (not to mention extending our lives) by virtue of not driving to the supermarket..... :)
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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby Swallow » 24 Jan 2015, 10:23pm

Cycle Club membership, Falmouth Wheelers. Due to spinal problems and spinal surgery, I've not ridden for two years but I am slowly getting back. I've made some good friends and had some great rides with our club
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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby reohn2 » 25 Jan 2015, 12:35am

A tandem,which enabled Mrs R2 and myself to enjoy many,many miles of touring together without one needing to wait for the other,best cycling ever :)

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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby fluffybunnyuk » 25 Jan 2015, 1:43am

puncture repair kit...never needed it yet...but im sure i will...

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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby yakdiver » 25 Jan 2015, 2:07pm

My Trike
Alias Numbnuts

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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby Jeckyll_n_Snyde » 25 Jan 2015, 3:23pm

I'm with Rehon2 on this one i.e. a Tandem :D ...not only does it bring pleasure to us it also makes others smile and wave and say hello (plus the odd joke/quip now and again) etc. ....the fact that it makes others smile is worth it's weight in gold; i love it :D
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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby mnichols » 25 Jan 2015, 4:09pm

+1 for club membership

Gets me out in the winter, keeps me motivated, made me a better cyclist, made friends, learnt new routes...too many benefits to mention

Best £12 I ever spent

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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby Audax67 » 25 Jan 2015, 4:31pm

Best thing has to be my first pair of Assos shorts, bought just before UAF PBP 2006. Up until then every ride over 200k had ripped up my backside. One memorable pair of Campag shorts left red railway-tracks where the stitching rubbed. The 400k qualifier in 2006 made driving home utter hell. The afternoon before the start of PBP I put on the Assos cream and shorts for the first time - very strange feeling with the menthol doing its bit. I alternated two pairs and used most of a jar over the 1200k and felt great afterwards. My bum has never looked back.
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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby gaz » 25 Jan 2015, 4:57pm

Tandem :D .
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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby Heltor Chasca » 25 Jan 2015, 5:03pm

Tricky one. I wax and wane. Dynamo hub? Surly racks & Ortliebs? B&m lights? Schwalbe tyres & inner tubes? Garmin Edge Tourer? Abus Bike lock? My hammock? Trangia? A little balsa wood tea bag box? My Surly DT?

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Re: Best (cycling) thing you ever bought?

Postby Vorpal » 25 Jan 2015, 6:30pm

I had to think a bit about this one. There have been several bikes that have had a significant influence on my cycling &/or means of transport. But I think the best cycling thing I ever bought was a child back tandem. It's also one of the best purchases I ever made of any sort.
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