Dog deterrents

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Dog deterrents

Postby 661-Pete » 6 Jul 2015, 9:36am

I'm thinking of getting myself one - the ultrasonic variety, I mean: something that may stop Fido in his tracks without harming him, so I can get past before my spokes neatly mandolin him into burgers....

Yes I'm only too well aware that these things don't always work - in fact sometimes Towser is actually encouraged to charge into action by hearing the high-pitched bleep. But one can only try. If I find I've wasted my money - so be it.

The trouble I have is mainly in France where landowners are more inclined to let their dogs run into the road, especially on minor country lanes (most French roadies keep to the main roads anyway). This is a pity because these lanes are otherwise a delight to cycle along.

A quick glance at a well-known retailer reveals a bewildering selection of devices on offer. I have read about the much-advertised Dog Dazer before now, it is however quite expensive, has mixed reviews, and there are cheaper alternatives.

So my question is - has anyone tried any of these and, any comments?
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Re: Dog deterrents

Postby DaveGos » 6 Jul 2015, 1:07pm

Depends on the country , dogs have different ways of acting in different countries , not familiar with the situation in France , but many countries particularly third world a few small stones in say a packet to throw at them is cheap and effective also old style pumps waved at them in a threatening way

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Re: Dog deterrents

Postby beardy » 6 Jul 2015, 1:24pm

Ideally an AK47 but in the interests of keeping weight down a snubnose thirtyeight.

Unfortunately both are illegal to carry in the UK.

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Re: Dog deterrents

Postby Psamathe » 6 Jul 2015, 2:06pm

I think a lot depends on the individual dog. Last year I got chased (in the UK) by an enormous German Shepherd as I rode past a farm (he came charging out just after I rode past the gate and chased) ... and you read the dog that it was "bravado" so I slowed down, he slowed down, I slowed even more, he slowed even more until we were both crawling along yet he still felt he had "done his job" (which did not involve catching me).

French dogs ... when I lived in France I got bitten (puncture wound drawing blood) 3 times. Once in a petrol station filling up the car and the dog came over and bit my hand. Another time at a dog agility class - puncture wound from a massive doberman in my leg (through jeans, through skin) and owner was completely unconcerned ... it is all treated very much as life (and to be honest it didn't bother me much either as I injure myself far worse doing DIY). The attitude to dogs in France is very different from the UK. But, France is mostly clear of rabies (when the have an infection they react quickly and address it; plus rabies vaccinations are somewhat more common and more formal than in the UK).

Most dogs that have chased me or tried to chase me (in the UK) do so for fun or to see me off their "territory". They have no interest in attacking me and don't want to catch me.


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Re: Dog deterrents

Postby 661-Pete » 6 Jul 2015, 8:15pm

Thanks for the replies thus far, I am well aware of all the (legal :roll: ) means of facing off an aggressive dog - but this wasn't really what I was after. I'm just thinking of getting myself an ultrasonic device so as to add another weapon to my armoury, so to speak. And what I would like to hear, is from people who've used these things and what effect they had.

And I want to to stay legal - and not harm these animals (it's not their fault after all). So no 1,000,000-scoville pepper sprays, please! :twisted:
Suppose that this room is a lift. The support breaks and down we go with ever-increasing velocity.
Let us pass the time by performing physical experiments...
--- Arthur Eddington (creator of the Eddington Number).

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Re: Dog deterrents

Postby tatanab » 6 Jul 2015, 9:15pm

From that website I tried ... ultrasonic

I had a persistent yapper next door. Of course the deterrent only works with line of sight, then at short range and I am convinced the dog is part deaf since there was no effect at all. To check, I tried it as I walked past an innocent dog. All that happened was it looked at me mildly puzzled. So I would say that it was absolutely useless - that particular one at any rate.

Considering the short range, I do not see how these things can be much use for a cyclist. Firstly you have to find the thing, ok it could be swinging from your bars; then you have to locate the appropriate button (assuming you have it turned on) which all takes time.

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Re: Dog deterrents

Postby Freddie » 6 Jul 2015, 9:17pm

How about a harmonica? One short sharp burst on that would probably scare the life out of the critter.

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Re: Dog deterrents

Postby rjb » 6 Jul 2015, 9:37pm

Mrs rjb usually shouts "SIT" if a dog runs out - has so far worked every time, I am usually out of breath on the front of the tandem. :lol:
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Re: Dog deterrents

Postby DavidT » 6 Jul 2015, 10:41pm

Hi. What follows is the content of a post I made here 3 years ago. I would only update it in that I now hardly ever carry the Dazer when cycling. I'm inclined to comment that there are less dogs running out of houses and farms onto lanesthese days? I guess that's a discussion for another thread...

Let me say first of all, I'm delighted that I've never had to use my Dog Dazer in anger.

When I first bought it, in the days before this forum, I did as much research as I could to make sure I wasn't simply wasting my money. Either directly or indirectly through aquaintances I spoke to Dog wardens, other users and even the main regional Post Office staff training department (who were most helpful to such an unsolicited call).

In a nutshell, the feedback has been;

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. It depends on the dog. One anecdote related to a frenzied dog in France with a snapped chain attached to it's collar that went away. Against that there are other less hopeful stories.
They don't work against packs of dogs
The Post Office were clear that individual dogs can get used to it and are therefore immune to it. So if it's the pesky dog at #15 you're trying to defend yourself against every day, then forget it.
Dog Dazers have been issued to Government Farm Inspectors (I do not know if that is still the case, my information is from 2 or 3 years ago on that one)

On balance, I decided the money might be well spent to have a last ditch defence come a fateful moment. A 10% chance (my estimate) at that point would be worth the then £30 (I reckon)

Oh, and it does nake a loud noise - I've checked mine with a sound meter, which registered the signal - which I couldn't hear of course.

I carry mine more when I'm walking rather than cycling tbh.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Dog deterrents

Postby PDQ » 6 Jul 2015, 11:09pm

For a particular dog where advanced planning is possible - strong solution of Tabasco sauce in a good squeezy water bottle aimed right into the face. They never come back for twos up.
It's hard I know but then dogs should be under control in public places.