Lon Las Cymru (Welsh E2E)

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Re: Lon Las Cymru (Welsh E2E)

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Knew Cardiff YHA was being leased to the council for accommodating the homeless but didn't realise they have now acquired it for £6m.

Can't blame the YHA as the sale will reduce their £10m deficit that has boomed during the lockdown, but it reduces hostel capacity in the city until the YHA gets another property up and running, which they say they are intent on doing.
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Re: Lon Las Cymru (Welsh E2E)

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Cannot begrudge the council using a budget hotel to house homeless people surely?

It's not the prettiest of buildings either... Had it been a country house or castle then perhaps so but a travel lodge style hotel is hardly a shame?

Cheers James
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Re: Lon Las Cymru (Welsh E2E)

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Have to admit that I very much enjoyed this route. I cycled as part of a group and we covered about 30 to 40 miles a day. Which left time enough to enjoy the views, stop at the book festival, stop and wander around Portmerrion for a few hours. Missed out on the steam train though, and ideally I would have really liked the last night to be at the yha/youth hotel castle place on the outskirts of Chepstow
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