Long Distance Cycle Routes

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Re: Long Distance Cycle Routes

Postby mjr » 5 Sep 2018, 12:10pm

simonhill wrote:Re the original post:

Not everyone who rides long distance routes has to be riding a fully loaded bike with camping gear. If hostelling or hotels, etc you can look pretty much like a day rider. Many Continental cyclists wear casual clothes rather than lycra The only way to find out if they are doing the whole route is to ask them.

^^This. The main visual difference between my day riding and touring is an extra tail roll on top of the rear rack and a handlebar bag - personally, I still don't like the drag of panniers for any distance. Great for shopping and picnics but awful for touring. I think buildings exist in most places where people will let you sleep indoors for a reasonable price and it's worth it to avoid camping. Maybe sometimes where those buildings are means I ride slightly shorter distances than if I wild-camped but it ain't about the distances.

There certainly seemed to be lots of possible tourers on the North Sea Coast Route along the Belgian coast last year. Far more noticeable than on the Dutch sections we rode last year or the one before, but the greater number of everyday transport riders may have hidden them - in Belgium, transport riders are probably using more sheltered and direct routes parallel inland most of the time. Tourers were a rarity on this year's route but most of it wasn't part of any long-distance route. Definite daytrippers were spotted on some of the named routes like the Leireken because they introduced themselves to us at cafes - tourists like us seemed to be a novelty there!
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Re: Long Distance Cycle Routes

Postby birkhead » 19 Sep 2018, 5:40pm

Susie and I have now done 2 such routes. Susie's requirement was to be off road and not go up hills. This year EV6 from Mulhouse to Atlantic. We stayed on route almost all the time, stayed in b&b mainly, met all sorts on the way, eg young girl with toddler and baby camping, a few pensioners like us, some of them on ebikes but mostly pedalled, young Swiss couple, several solo girls of certain age . Yes near the towns there were often roadies in groups, and folk out for a day ride, but the people we met were usually long distance, perhaps we met them because of repeat encounters. We loved the ride because we had a random cross section of France, different crops, beasts, countryside, cafe each day and a new town or village to explore each afternoon.

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Re: Long Distance Cycle Routes

Postby gordonyoung » 24 Sep 2018, 8:15am

There are a lot of European riders with the different tour companies that transport the luggage each day. THis year we cycled 310k from the Brenner path to Verona and each night there were plenty of other bike tourists at the hotels with the different companies that offer carrying of luggage each day. We have used Eurobike for the last few years and they offer an excellent service. I saw at least 3 Italian companies as well. I have used Eurobike for the round trip around Lake Constance (Bodensee) , the Main Radweg, the Weser river, etc. What I have noticed is the increasing amount of electric bikes that are used for these tours mainly used by what look like retired people.

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Re: Long Distance Cycle Routes

Postby althebike » 10 Oct 2018, 10:32am

I appreciate that lejog/jogle does not have a specific route, but when I rode it this summer, after the first day I only saw one cyclist, he was going the other way doing a version of the north sea route. B&bs were telling me end to enders left yesterday, more coming tomorrow, I assumed it was near peak month and there would be lots of riders .

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Re: Long Distance Cycle Routes

Postby MrsHJ » 10 Oct 2018, 11:04am

jamier1987 wrote:Does anyone know any good route planning resources, even themselves? I'm planning a charity ride from London, to Brighton, ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe (France), then from Dieppe to Antibes (south cost next to Nice). Any tips, advice or guidance on the French let of the route would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Many of us use cycle.travel (which is great).