Rotterdam to Constanța, Romania

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Rotterdam to Constanța, Romania

Postby Jord » 29 Jan 2016, 4:58pm

Hi I am just thinking of a ride to do this summer and have always fancied going to the Black Sea! I was thinking of approx Holland, Germany, Czech Republic bit of Austria, Hungary and finally Romania (via Transylvania) to Constana then flying home from Bucharest I'd imagine. (I am Chester based and I don't think the are any nearer airports serviced by the North West)

I've rode a far few miles in Germany and Holland but have no experience with Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

Has anyone got any advice or possible pointers to web sites to look at? I know the obvious thing is to get on the Danube but I think I'd rather be a bit further off the beaten track so to speak.

Ow also I would be doing it as an Audax rather than as a tourist so not too interested in diversions off route. That is for another time.

Thanking you in advance