Long touring without front panniers

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Giles Pargiter
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Re: Long touring without front panniers

Postby Giles Pargiter » 29 May 2016, 1:20pm

Willem points out very well why I have always (so far) decided that front panniers are not worth the advantage to me. While acknowledging what Horizon says about whether or not you "need" them is a bit of a circular argument.
I think I would definitely use them on an expedition beyond three or four weeks. If nothing else because I would want to carry a few more clothes to cater for a wider range of circumstances and, not least, climate. Also when faced with packing down repeatedly over a lengthy period, the ability to be able to more or less just chuck stuff into my bags (with attention to rattles) rather than having to pay much attention to packing them, would to me, become an increasing advantage. This would additionally need to be weighed against the advantage of being able to remove and handle two panniers fairly easily when using multi modal transport.

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Re: Long touring without front panniers

Postby horizon » 29 May 2016, 2:04pm

I always used four panniers for my overnight work trips (usually only 2 - 3 days but with all the paraphanalia that comes with work as opposed to cycle touring). Then I cut down (fairly ruthlessly) the amount I took (my work changed slightly as well). I took other decisions like trusting that the hotel would have an iron and also telling people not to expect 100% smart. Slowly the contents came down and the front panniers went. But I noticed that a rack top bag occasionally crept in and a barbag popped up as well....

I still think four well-managed panniers is a brilliant combination. I suspect (please correct me if I am wrong) that there is an underlying prejudice against front panniers. I don't quite know where this comes from but I'm sure it exists.
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