Brittany ferries - crazy prices

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Re: Brittany ferries - crazy prices

Postby horizon » 27 May 2016, 10:53am

RJS wrote:Slightly off at a tangent but, horizon, there are two Dartmouth/Kingswear ferries the higher one is the cheaper, 50p. It was actually free to cyclist for a while after they introduced their new bigger, faster ferry.
Cheers, Rob.

Kingswear to Dartmouth costs £4.50 for a car for a distance of 200 metres. That's £22.50 per km. Brittany Ferries charges (let's say) £400 to Spain from Plymouth. That's 800 km (approx) or 50p per km (very approximate figures). Cycle prices are fine (except as usual in both Dartmouth and on BF four cyclists cost more than four adults in a car AFAIK).

What I'm saying is that Brittany Ferries sail from the western end of the channel which means the distances are much much greater. This makes BF prices seem high, but for the distance travelled they aren't bad.

My gripe with BF (and they aren't the only ones) is how they handle bikes and multiple bike pricing. The bike ban was very real.
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Re: Brittany ferries - crazy prices

Postby hamster » 27 May 2016, 11:15am

Brittany Ferries Poole-Cherbourg, out 1/7, back 3/7/16. Booked last year, £68 with bike and reserved seat, directly as an option from their website.

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Re: Brittany ferries - crazy prices

Postby nmnm » 3 Jun 2016, 8:09pm

Interesting promotional email received just now from BF, tying in with the TdF being in Brittany / Normandy - suggesting I buy a bike + rider crossing at £69, to watch the tour. Intriguing thing is that it says supplements apply to the bike price if I have a trailer or it's a tandem or... if I have a child seat! A child seat! I wonder what the fee is for that.

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Re: Brittany ferries - crazy prices

Postby Bensons » 3 Jun 2016, 8:34pm

Probably because it would be usual for two of those extra things (at least) to involve another person travelling with you.

We book 3 people and 3 bikes and then phone up to tell them that one is a tandem. The booking system expects 1 person plus 1 bike, the web based ticket system can't deal with anything else.

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Re: Brittany ferries - crazy prices

Postby 1gunsalute » 15 Jun 2016, 7:21pm

Just back from trip to Brittany, crossing Portsmouth - St Malo each way. Cost was £260 for two, with cabin both ways (overnight on way out, day on way back - nice to have a shower after a brisk ride to catch the ferry). I thought was ok value.

Anyway, a great trip - lots of nice quiet roads with interesting hills, and crepes and cider are ideal cycling nourishment!

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Re: Brittany ferries - crazy prices

Postby Bike hol newbie » 3 Jul 2016, 8:45pm

It's £110 return per person for the end of July for me too. I'm sure it will be fun cycling around Roscoff! Can I take up your kind offer of using your family discount code? What are the terms and conditions? Do we just enter the code before online booking or do we need a card or code when we get to the port too? Thanks.
Bensons wrote:You can book a cabin with bikes only, we have done it twice recently.

OP, we are members of their club, I am happy to share my friends and family discount code, PM me if you want it (only 10% but better than nothing) and I will look it up tonight.

We have had some decent prices this year (30% off with the club) return tickets with a bike and a tandem, with cabins both ways for £158 for three of us.