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Camping on Colonsay

Posted: 11 Jul 2016, 12:05pm
by martin113
It seems there is no campsite on Colonsay but wild camping is allowed. The issue is to get near a source of clean water. Can anyone recommend a spot on the island to wild camp near a nice clean stream?

Re: Camping on Colonsay

Posted: 12 Jul 2016, 11:27am
by Elizabeth_S
I've never been there, but I've read that they have limited campervans visiting, you can wild camp of course, but there is a hostel and this site mentions camping near the hostel, so perhaps you should speak to them, looks a nice hostel

Re: Camping on Colonsay

Posted: 12 Jul 2016, 2:36pm
by rualexander
Just take a look at an OS map or google satellite view and identify likely camping spots near water sources, its not rocket science.
Seems to me from looking at the map, there are loads of possible locations, nice looking beach towards the northwest of the island.