Travel Insurance for people with health conditions

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Re: Travel Insurance for people with health conditions

Postby Psamathe » 28 Jun 2018, 6:29pm

Reviving an old thread (sorry) but adding my recent experiences for a long trip time in Europe: (And I had a couple of pre-existing medical conditions to declare)
Saga expensive and as their online web site was not working had to get a quote over the phone and got really worn down by the continual sales script ("and we include xyz which most companies don't ..."). And then their single trip quote (for a long cover period) was double everybody else's and their annual multi-trip was cheaper (but still above other quotes). And I refused to give them my e-mail address (because I didn't want to be chased-up) but they must have had it from some previous enquiry and I got chased-up anyway! cheapest but they use an online screening for medical conditions and their system did not include either of my pre-existing conditions so had to call, supervisor had to say "declare it as a <xyz> and then I had to call back because <xyz> was not in their list either!). And what I ended-up being told to declare was very "generic". Their cover limits are fairly low (though their premium was the lowest).

BMC slightly more expensive than Adventures Insurance as I had to add the cost of joining the BMC. Cover limits are slightly higher. Medical screening was through a telephone service (where you speak to somebody, they ask the questions and after in my case quite a few questions they gave me the all-clear and a code you enter into the BMC'c online system. Had to call the screening service back the next day (as I went and lost my code!) and they were very helpful, did some security and told me the code again. This offering gave me most confidence and was the one I chose. They may or may not require the use of helmets - I think it ambiguous as all they say is
Please note when participating in any approved sport or activity, cover is accepted provided that:
• You have not been advised by a doctor against participating in such sport or activity;
• You wear and/or use the recommended/recognised safety equipment and;
• You follow safety procedures, rules and regulations as specified by the activity organisers and/or providers.

As I'm self-organising I'm the "activity organiser/provider" so I set the rules. As I'm going to France I follow French law (which does not require a helmet (or Hi-Vis except in poor visibility). So I probably wont clarify this with them!

I think they all used the same screening system, some put it online, some just ask the questions as prompted by their computer. All 3 asked pretty well the same questions (Adventures Insurance was more limited - which I guess could work out more or less cautions as the'd be getting less info).