How to travel the world with no money?

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Re: How to travel the world with no money?

Postby landsurfer » 9 Jan 2017, 10:13pm

It may have been already said but ... first world travellers sucking resource out of the third world is anathema ......
And when your great adventure is over its "Paraffin Budgie" back home to the book release or at the very least the benefits and health care world we live in ....
Pass my reins ....... :twisted:
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Re: How to travel the world with no money?

Postby Bmblbzzz » 10 Jan 2017, 10:29am

That's not accepting hospitality IMO, that's asking to be given things. Not that asking for things is always wrong either and of course asking for one thing can lead to an offer of other hospitality, eg I'm reading Josie Dew's The Sun in My Eyes, she spots a suitable camping patch next to a veg plot, asks the house next door if they mind her putting up her tent there, gets offered food. That's accepting hospitality IMO; a polite request for one thing, accepting the possibility of refusal, leads to an offer of more. I haven't read the Alastair Humphreys thing yet (what I was referring to) so don't know quite what he was doing, but if the offer is freely made without coercion, I'd call that an offer of hospitality.

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Re: How to travel the world with no money?

Postby iviehoff » 13 Jan 2017, 8:48am

Bmblbzzz wrote:Why would you find it unacceptable to accept hospitality?

That's not what I said. I have accepted hospitality while travelling. What I found immoral is, knowing that people are sometimes moved to give hospitality to interesting passers-by, maximising the opportunity for it. It's a bit like what conmen do.

Put it this way, some of the people who gave me hospitality became friends, I remained in contact with them for many years afterwards. It was rare and special. When you have taken hospitality from 100 people in a few months, that's not going to happen.