Immenstadt, Germany

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Immenstadt, Germany

Postby burroc » 3 Jan 2017, 8:16pm

I wonder if anyone is familiar with Immenstadt in southern Germany (on the river Iller, south of Kempten)? It sits on the crossroads of two long distance cycle routes. It could possibly be a good place for my wife and I to base ourselves for a week, hiring bikes locally. The hope is we can do several relatively easy/flat/short day rides in at least four directions surrounded by scenic countryside.

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Re: Immenstadt, Germany

Postby pal » 4 Jan 2017, 8:05am

I can't help with Immenstadt (sorry), but I did spend a few days last Sept. based at Schwangau (a bit further East), and there was definitely lots of scope for v. scenic, and not too demanding, rides in the area (and the possibility of more mountainous stuff); it was surprisingly peaceful too, given its proximity to the tourist mayhem of Neuschwanstein/Fuessen. I stayed here: v. simple, but well set up for cyclists (bike room; tools; massive breakfasts!), cheap, and friendly:

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Re: Immenstadt, Germany

Postby foxyrider » 4 Jan 2017, 8:59pm

Stayed there a few years ago but only for a night (I was doing the German Alpine Road).

Not sure there's a lot of scope for flatter rides, you are in the pre Alps after all! Not sure about bike hire either - its not the biggest of places but I'm sure there's somewhere in the Allgau you can get steeds from.

I know I sound quite negative, I don't mean to - its a lovely area, the lake is beautiful, the scenery great and there is plenty to see and visit within a reasonable distance. :D
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Re: Immenstadt, Germany

Postby goosegog » 14 Jan 2017, 6:46pm

I have stayed at Oberstdorf and Oberstaufen. I would consider Immenstadt as a `normal` town so there may be a limited choice of hotels and restaurants. Oberstdorf has more options. As you are hiring bikes it is worth considering Pedelecs electric assisted bikes, they are now common in Germany . Some hotels have them for their guests.
Swimming is possible at the 2 lakes. The Alpsee is an organised pool. The Grosser Alpsee has access on the NE side and an organised Strandbad. The lake is warm due to the water not being fed from mountain streams. There are small areas on the south side but are not accessible by bike as there is no cycle-path on the main road.
A lovely easy ride is to Oberstaufen, the cycle-path is part of the Bodensee/Konigsee Radweg . Follow path along the north side of Grosser Alpsee it runs along railway, parts of it are the old road but it is mainly traffic free. There are several chairlifts that have café/restaurants on the south side of main road these can be visited using the cycle-path (CP) The CP comes to a T junction at Knechtenhofen It goes across the main road then directions get complicated, it is best to turn right under railway bridge to Wengen ,CP on footpath at end of village turn left SP Oberstaufen.
The town is not recommended for touring as it is on a ridge that drops off to the south and west. Hotels are more expensive as the town is regarded as `chic` by the Germans. The various clinics specialize in cosmetic surgery.
Another swimming pool I have visited is the Moorbad at Oberjoch, it has been dug out from a peat bog and lined with wood. it is on top of a hill but there is an easy way up. From Immenstadt through Sonthofen and Bad Hindelang at start of hill look out for SP Oberjoch this is a footpath along the old road(Altejoch strasse) This avoids the hairpins and traffic. Go through Oberjoch to the Gasthof Moorehutte the pool is behind it , it is free entrance but there is a donation box. Some visitors cover themselves with mud from a nearby bog then swim in the pool it is very good for the skin.
I hope this information is of help, I shall do another post about Oberstdorf

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Re: Immenstadt, Germany

Postby Elizabeth_S » 15 Jan 2017, 1:25pm

From a quick search, you can hire bikes there in Immenstadt i allgau, you can also get a weekly train/bus ticket for 21 euros so you can go other places with the train. They do have a good website for the region in German.